6 Ways To Break Boredom and Kids Fighting On The Last Week Of School Holidays

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6 Ways To Break Boredom and Kids Fighting On The Last Week Of School Holidays

School holidays are coming to an end… and so are the ways to keep the kids entertained!

With everything from travelling, baking, building, dancing, climbing, dress-ups, treasure hunts and swimming ticked off the list of things-to-do, you’re bound to be exhausted and so are your kids.

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The last week of holidays are more about slowing down and just lazily enjoying the few days before school, with inside activities, such as preparing the schoolbooks and watching movies, on offer to keep everyone occupied.

Saying that, you also need to prepare for school to start, and you need your kids to help you out.

So here are a few ideas to get ready for school to begin, while seeing out the rest of the holidays without the kids having to say “I’m bored” or worse – fight and make you go crazy all day!

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1. Build a Fort and Watch Movies

Sure, building a fort can require minor mess since you will need blankets and pillows. But if you can convince the kids to make the fort in their bedroom, then you have a mess-free main area still. We build forts by draping a large blanket over the back of two chairs and adding pillows into the covered area.

However, you can create forts or tents in any crevice of the house with a little imagination and a lot of blankets.

Making a fort is a fun school holiday activity. It’s amazing what you can make with a sheet, a table, pillows or a couch and some imagination. The kids can curl up inside and then watch a movie!

2. Reorganise Their Bedroom (With Their Help)

Convincing your child to clean their room is like getting them to eat their green vegetables – sometimes, impossible! But if the cleaning involves a little bit of “design” then it becomes more appealing and fun!

Make some suggestions on how the room could look more inviting and move a few objects around, while cleaning up the mess. They won’t realise it but it’s just your sneaky way of getting them to pick up their toys – and you never know, with the excitement of a new room to enjoy, they might keep it tidy for just that little bit longer!

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3. Create or Decorate School Supplies

Back to school is a great excuse to whip out the craft box and start decorating. Old school bags can be brought back to life with a bit of glitter glue and furry things! You can also spend the time to cover their new school books with wrapping paper! Here’s a great list of back-to-school projects to do.

4. Play with Slime

My kids never complained when playing with slime, so this one’s always my go-to activity indoors or outdoors! We have a recipe on how to make slime and oobleck – check it out!

6 Ways To Beat Boredom On The Last Week Of School Holidays | Stay At Home Mum

5. Create a Command Centre

This one’s a great family activity to distract the kids all week. A command centre is where everything important goes in. Bills, keys, backpacks, list of chores, notes, school shoes, etc. It will all depend on your family’s lifestyle really. Create a command centre that will help you be more organised. Make sure to decorate it too and get the family involved so they know where things go.

6. Bake Some Goodies!

Before anything else, I would like to tell you that this is messy. But, it’s also a sweet and fun memory for the kids. What I like about baking is that the making is just as fun as the eating. Now that my kids are a bit older, they can’t nave a bite unless everything we use is all cleaned up and they helped with the cleaning and washing the dishes. Bahaha! Here are easy and fun recipes you can choose from!

What do you do before school starts?

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