Five Ways to Save on Airline Tickets

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Five Ways to Save on Airline Tickets

Five Ways to Save on Airline Tickets | Stay at Home MumFive Ways to Save on Airline Tickets

We have five ways to save on airline tickets and if you are looking into taking a flight then this is a big expense, especially if you are traveling as a family. Airline tickets alone most likely will cost you more than your accommodation and thus you need to be saving savvy when looking into the various flight options. Below are some ways to save on your flights this year:

Do it Yourself

Yes, it is easier to get a travel agent to book the flight for you and your family but you can sometimes expect to be paying a lot more than you need to.  What you can do, however, is look at your options online  then go and talk to a travel agent as well so you can weigh up what might suit you the best as far as budget goes. You can quite often find a better price online and most companies will now offer to either match it or lower it.  Furthermore, if you shop around, you will all have a better indication of what you will be paying, in general, for a flight. This can make budgeting for the rest of the trip a little easier.

Check the Holiday Guide

You can expect to pay a lot more when you are traveling during school holidays. However, if you are traveling overseas, also consider the other country’s holiday and peak hours as well. While it may be cheaper to visit Australia in March, it is going to be more expensive to head to Canada or America as this is during Spring Break. Keep in mind when school and summer holidays are to get the cheaper (and less crowded) flights.

Don’t Wait Until Last Minute

Last minute deals do not really exist. And it can be a really stressful thing looking for them. Furthermore, you most likely will not get the deals on a day that suits you and you can expect to be getting on and off planes multiple times before reaching your destination. So, book early. This will save you the stress

Sign up for Deals

However, if you are concerned that a cheaper flight will go on sale down the road, sign up for a number of different airlines deal emails. Yes it can be annoying shifting through spam emails regarding the best places to travel but it can also provide you with a better idea of what different companies can offer you. Have a quick browse through to see if there are any flights offered for cheaper than what you paid. In some instances, if you can find a better deal before you fly, the airline will refund you the difference. However, this is not always the case so ask about this when booking early.

Take the Route Less Travelled

You can expect the cheapest flights to be on indirect flights, usually in the middle of the week. When you are traveling with kids, getting there is hard enough without having to stop three times before arriving. However, if you like adventure and if you are up for the trip, then why not give it a go? Another option is to look into different airports around your final destination. It might be fun to hire a car and explore the territory before getting to the final place.

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