Keeping Your Home Safe When Away on Holidays

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Keeping Your Home Safe When Away on Holidays

Leaving your house empty for a long period of time is a prime target for intruders

When leaving for an extended holiday, take the following steps to give your house that “lived in” look and reduce the chances of a break-in – also leaving your house in tip top shape before you go means that you don’t have to do it when you get back from your holiday!!

Keeping Your Home Safe When Away on Holidays

1. Never post your holiday plans online!!

Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be accessed by others. Exercise caution when putting your whereabouts online as this information can be used by burglars to determine when you are and aren’t at home.

If you want to let people know where you are, make sure only people on your private friends list can see it, not the rest of the world!

Even better, leave the holiday pics for when you get home.

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2. Lock up when you leave

Deadlock/lock doors and windows including balcony doors and garage doors. Also lock your garden shed and any side gates accessing your property.

3. Make your home seem occupied

  • If possible install timers for your lights to switch on and off (makes your house appear occupied)
  • Cancel all deliveries, especially newspapers
  • Never leave voice answering messages that indicate you are away
  • Hang some old clothes on the washing line and leave a pair of old shoes outside the front door to give your house a lived-in look.

 4. Ask your neighbours or friends to:

  • Water your plants or mow the lawns so the house doesn’t look empty.
  • Keep an eye out on your house.
  • Park their car in your driveway at intervals to give the appearance someone is home.
  • Put your garbage bins out for collection.
  • To collect the mail.

5. Avoid leaving items around your property:

  • Remove items that can be climbed to access second storey balconies and windows.
  • Put away all tools and other items that could be stolen or used to gain access to your property.

6. Make sure your valuables aren’t visible

Store valuables such as laptops and jewellery away out of sight.

7. General Holiday Check List

  • Pop the indoor garbage bag to outside bin.
  • Turn down the volume on your telephone ringer.
  • Clean the outside of the house so it looks neat and tidy and lived in.
  • Unplug electrical appliances, except freezer and fridge.
  • Double Check all doors and windows are locked including garden shedding and garages.
  • Set timers to switch on lights and the radio.
  • Clean inside the house so you don’t have to do it when you get back

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