Ten Things to Look for in a Holiday Destination

Ten Things to Look for in a Holiday Destination

Family holidays can get quite pricey. When you factor in transportation, accommodation, meals and tours, you can easily spend several thousands of dollars, even if you are only going for a short period of time. This is why you want to get the most for your money and have the best experiences out there. When you are choosing your next place to visit, the more research you do, the more prepared you will be. So consider the following things when planning the next place on the map to travel to.


There is more to a hotel room than just the bed. The entire ambience, from the resort location, the layout of the hotel room and the location of the facilities can matter when you are on holidays. So be sure you are getting what you expect from your accommodation by checking out photos and requesting a room with a view or close to the amenities.


Be sure to look into the various facilities that are close by or located in the resort. Do they offer water activities, a swimming pool, a kid’s club, etc.?

Ten Things To Look for In Holiday DestinationsWeather

The one thing you can’t plan for when it comes to a holiday is the weather. However, you can have a look at the average rainfall and temperatures during the time you are planning to go. This will give you a better indication whether you need to bring the rain gear or whether you can expect sunny skies the entire time.


Planning on full day or half day tour with kids can be tricky, especially if your little ones still nap. Make sure you look into the facilities on board. For example, if you are cruising to the Great Barrier Reef, will you be able to take the pram with you on the boat? If you are doing a kayaking adventure, will it be safe for your children as well? Make sure you choose tours that facilitate, or even specialise in families with children.


You can’t always believe what you read but might be worth your while checking a few travel websites to see what is recommended and what to avoid. This is especially a good idea when checking the ratings of various hotel rooms.

Food Options

Make sure you check the different restaurant options close to your accommodation so you know what price range to expect. There is nothing worse than walking around a foreign city trying to find a place to eat that works with your budget and your kid’s fussy eating habits.

Travel Documents

If you are going overseas then you may require certain documents including passports and an entrance visa.

Kid Friendly Activities

Look into the various activities in the city that are child friendly, such as zoos, aquariums, beaches, waterparks, theme parks and museums. You don’t have to visit every single place but have a list of the various places to see and then choose which ones to visit as a family.


If you are going overseas then you may want to check the safety of the place you plan on visiting. There may be civil unrest or recent terrorist activity that may convince you to find a new destination. Furthermore, make sure you look into vaccinations for certain areas. This is especially important when traveling to South East Asia.

Transportation to, from and around

Finally, not only will you need to consider how you are going to get there and back, but how will you get around while you are there? Will you hire a car? Will you stay within walking distance of all facilities? Will you rely on taxis or the bus system?

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