How To Plan A Family Holiday

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How To Plan A Family Holiday
This post is brought to you in collaboration with flybuys travel.

Hold on there 2019, where have you gone?

One minute you had me planning out my New Year goals and buying a piggy bank to stash away my family’s holiday fund and the next minute I’m buying cheap Christmas presents and longing for a cocktail on the beach in Bali.

Why was planning a family holiday so tricky last year? Did I run out of time? Could I have blamed it on my credit card? Maybe it was just the kids that were to blame.

Nope, unfortunately, none of those reasons were to blame. I can only point my finger at my glorious flybuys card, sitting in my wallet collecting points, and not getting used for its holiday-amazingness-potential.

It’s a godsend for busy mums (I’m playing that card, ok?) who, like me, struggle to sit down and organise a family holiday from start to finish.

If you haven’t heard of flybuys travel, it’s an online travel agency offering exclusive flybuys Escapes and everything you need for planning and booking holidays.

For the “smart” people who carry their card in their wallet – and scan it every time the checkout guy asks, this means you are collecting more and more points that can turn into an exclusive holiday deal with flybuys travel. In my experience it’s almost always priced on par or better when compared to other major online travel agencies or providers, and once you factor in the flybuys points that can be collected on every booking, they are almost always the best value around.

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There is no excuse not to plan and book your holiday from start to finish with flybuys travel. And guess what? I am going to show you how to do it!

Tip # 1. Use your flybuys card – and redeem the points!

Make a point of getting the card at the ready every time the opportunity arises.

You will be amazed at how quickly those points accumulate to help create a huge discount on your family holiday. You also need to watch out for flybuys travel promotions, too (which generally take the form of a points multiplier). Members can often collect up to 25x points on a variety of products. Not only can you use your card to book flights (and save tons), you can also use it to book cruises, get entry passes for theme parks, get movie tickets, book accommodation, shopping and for transportation! Isn’t it convenient?

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Tip # 2. Plan your holiday using the flybuys travel website

Once you have chosen your destination, the best option is to click on the “Escapes” tab and follow the prompts to discover the incredible deals available.

The easy to use website provides you with the complete package price for your holiday, including flights and accommodation. Plus, it offers travel reviews and other useful information. And if you need help, there’s 24/7 assistance.

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Tip # 3. Make a list of “Things to Do”.

Whenever I holiday, I always make a list of activities and “Things to Do”.

Booking with flybuys travel helps in this process because all the information needed to plan a fantastic holiday is available on the booking website. You can see the property location in relation to other activities, dining experiences, spa services and more. Plus, if you have time to read the reviews, some of the other lovely travellers will drop hints on the best ways to spend your time abroad.

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Tip # 4. Keep your Eye on the Prize.

If you’re actively saving for a holiday and collecting flybuys points on a regular basis, then make sure to take a look at the flybuys travel website for special offers.

These offers are typically stackable if there is a 5x points sitewide promotion happening, and you come across an airfare with a 5x points offer, then in a similar way to the rest of the program, you will qualify for both offers and receive 10x points.

Also, all Escapes (packaged airfares and hotels with big discounts) typically always have 3x points making their value even more attractive. But remember, while some promotions run longer than others, most run for just one week so make sure if you see something attractive that you jump on it fast

There is no excuse not to book your next family holiday in 2019 with flybuys travel, and if you’re like me, then you’re already in planning mode.

Good luck and happy travelling!

How To Plan A Family Holiday

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