Indoor Activities for Kids for Rainy Days

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Indoor Activities for Kids for Rainy Days

As we get to the end of winter, most states are still shivering through pretty cold temps. On those extra cold and wet winter days you may feel like there is nothing for you and your kids to do. Think again! We’ve rounded up three excellent ways to get creative and use their energy without damaging the house. Furthermore, some of these activities can keep the kids off your back for a few minutes so you can actually hang up that load of washing that’s been in the machine since this morning and you can actually do something with the chicken you took out of the freezer.

Baby Obstacles Courses

One of the ways that I get things done around the house all the while keeping baby entertained is through an indoor obstacle course. Simply set up a bunch of pillows, toys and little treats all around the house. As your baby starts crawling towards you, hopefully the obstacles will distract them and you will be able to get things done, even for a couple of minutes. I make an indoor obstacle course for my crawling bubby to get around when I have something to do. It buys a couple of minutes!

Indoor Activities for KidsToddler Cubby House Creations

You can make cubby houses or forts inside your home in every corner. All you need is the right furniture and a few extra-large blankets. Push the lounge and the recliner together and add a sheet over the top of each one to enclose the area. Or place a large blanket over the table to create an easy cubby house. Make sure you give them plenty of pillows to add a level of comfort to their new hideaway. Many children love the idea of having their own secret house and will love getting in and out and playing (or even napping) in their own little oasis.
If you happen to have an old portable cot lying around the house that you most likely won’t be selling, then you can create an excellent secret hideaway for your little one. Cut the mesh off one side using a sharp knife. Then add a fitted cot sheet over the top of the portable cot to enclose the area. Add comfortable pillows, blankets and a few toys and torch and let the kids enter through the secret door and explore a new found purpose for your old dirty portable cot.

School Aged Crafts

What can you do to keep the older kids entertained? Why not make a button canvas picture? This is a great activity for older children that have a longer attention span and better control of their hands. You will need a canvas for each child, several different colours and sizes of buttons and a hot glue gun (and supervision of course). Using the glue gun, glue the buttons into the canvas to make a pattern, a picture or how about their name to hang over the bed? Choose buttons that will suit the different colours in their room. This activity can take an hour or longer if done right and once they get the hang of it, you may even be able to shift over to the kitchen and cook dinner! But we’re not promising anything!

Jenna Galley lives in Cairns, Queensland with her husband, two small children, Jacob and Jade, and dog Koah. She is a freelance writer and small business owner as well as an avid reader and wine drinker.

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