I’ve Always Wanted to Learn How to KnitFollow my journey on learning how to knit!

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I’ve Always Wanted to Learn How to Knit

Follow my journey on learning how to knit!

Knitting is something I have always wanted to know how to do.

My Sister-in-Law’s Nanna is the BEST knitter I have ever known.  The beauty of her jumpers and booties she made for my boys were just breathtaking in their intricacies and detail.  But she lives on the opposite side of Australia, so I couldn’t just rock up to her house to get her to show me how (RIP Nanna D).

Those items she created are now the family heirlooms that I hope to hand down through the generations.  You can’t buy treasured items like these… they are a work of art.

Knitting has really come ‘back into vogue’ lately.  Just visiting the local markets and seeing amazing talent, and many of the talents are younger people. Not 80-year-old ladies with purple rinses that have white poodles called ‘Princess’. Knitting Clubs are in our schools, my ten-year-old son wants to learn (but I have to learn first so I can teach him!). I’ve seen Hipster men with beards and bicycles in Melbourne with knitting needles and yarn.  It is fun, and so good for those of us who need to just ‘tune out’ from the manic lifestyles we now lead.  Knitting is good for our mental health!

My First Time Knitting…..

Now, I’ve never knitted in my entire life, and didn’t know where to even begin. I had two knitting needles (that I found out later were the wrong size – as I didn’t know they came in different sizes) and I popped onto the Creacrafts Website which is AAAAAMAZING! Especially for knitting newbies like myself who have no idea what they are doing!

Now Creacrafts have videos for beginners, and with loads of ‘pause’ and ‘rewinds’ at first, I got my first ever piece of knitting started.  Now it is FAR from perfect, I have dropped stitches, added more stitches that I needed to do and I haven’t quite got the ‘tension’ correct.  But you know, I’m only starting, and I know these things take time to learn.

Their videos start with ‘The Stitch Library‘ for beginners – like meeee!

Oh and they have all these projects for beginners too – so I have something to aspire to!  I particularly love this Owl Doorstop! Totes Adorbs!

Creacrafts | Stay at Home Mum

Expectation Versus Reality

I know as a beginner I really couldn’t expect to do a great job first go…… and I really didn’t.  But the point of the matter is that I really enjoyed it regardless, and it is something I’m going to do every single day.  It made my brain turn off from the stress of the day, and focus on something I’m creating!!

The expectation of knitting:

The reality of my knitting:

But even though it looks like it has been poked by a porcupine, I’m as proud as punch!


I want to get some practice in before I start a ‘Project’ from Knit & Stitch Creative – because I want it to be beautiful!  Apparently, a practice piece of knitting is called a ‘Swatch’.  Look – I made a SWATCH!!!!!

In the end, I really want to work towards a throw rug. They have a beautiful one on their website which is AMAZEBALLS.  Look how gorgeous it is!  Okay, it might take me about three years, but it is certainly something that would handed down through generations!

The next step after mastering the basic stitch is ‘Shaping’ which is learning how to add and subtract stitches according to what you are making.  Sounds scary, but I know this is covered in the Knit & Stitch Creative – issue 3! blog. I’ll talk more about the subscriptions down further!

Some awesome videos to check out on Knit & Stitch

How to make Pom Poms

I remember making these in Primary School and I’d totally forgotten!  My boys will LOVE this:

And How to Make Crochet Butterflies!

So Where Did I Get It All From?

So for anyone that wants to start out knitting, or you think you can knit better than I can (which is the entire world lol) – I highly recommend grabbing the Knit & Stitch Creative Collection!  You get a really great folder, on your second delivery, you receive a knitting bag (so you don’t lose it down the back of the couch!) They have amazing step by step videos on stitches, small projects and bonus patterns.

How it Works:

You remember those TV ads that had a new magazine every week with a free gift?  Well, this is exactly the same!  It is in newsagents across the country from the 4th June and via subscription delivered to your home, and if you aren’t a beginner like I am, you can even choose which issue you want to start with.

The dedicated website is here www.creacrafts.com.au – There are 80 issues all up, so you will never get bored, with new and wonderful projects to expand your knitting-prowess, plus you can make a beautiful double-sided throw! There is no obligation to complete and you can cancel any time.

Every month you pay for four issues (one per week).  There are two subscription models, the basic and the premium. https://www.bissettmags.com.au/checkout/em2/868

The introductory offer is issue 1, 2 and 3 for $1.99 when you subscribe as a Stay at Home Mum follower, using code “CREA” (issue 2 and 3 is completely FREE!)

Then 4 issues will be delivered monthly from issue 4.

To order the collection just subscribe here at www.creacrafts.com.au or call the dedicated customer service number (03) 9872 4000 or email [email protected]


Knit and Stitch Creative

Eaglemoss Publications

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NUNAWADING VIC 3131Knit and Stitch | Stay at Home Mum

1st Delivery:  In the first delivery you will receive:


You’ll get a free issue in your first delivery and you will also get issue 2 for FREE!


A handy and stylish zip-up holder with a selection of knitting needles and crochet hooks and cable needle to get you started.

Gift with your 2nd delivery.


A gorgeous bag to keep all your knitting and crochet makes and accessories.

Gift with your 6th delivery.


A unique customisation kit to create your very own beanie hat. It comes with five balls of soft CreaCrafts yarn, PLUS three faux fur yarns.

Plus you get these amazing premium project kits if you go premium ($1 extra per issue)

Creacrafts | Stay at Home Mum


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