Kindy Gym for Kids

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Kindy Gym for Kids

Kindy gym or kinder gym is a program that is usually run through your local gymnastics club, PCYC, YMCA or other recreational facility in your area. There are countless of different kindy gym programs run across the country and chances are there is one close to you.

What Does Kindy Gym Involve?

Kinder gym programs are usually held in the morning for 45 minutes to one hour. They involve various gymnastic equipment where children can learn how to balance, jump, bounce, roll, run, tumble, swing, climb and more.

Every program is different but most will include a few minutes of free play followed by group work. This may include some stretching, a song and a group game. Then there will be a routine involving the various equipment such as the parallel bars, the high beam, the trampoline and floor work. Children will take turns trying each routine with the help of the instructor or mum or dad. There are usually plenty of breaks for water as well as another group game or activity and another routine. Kindy gym normally ends with a song or another game.

How Will it Benefit My Child?

Kinder gym offers a pretty intensive workout, especially for a pre-schooler. You can expect them to work up a sweat (and hopefully go for a nice long sleep later on in the day!). Kinder gym programs are designed to promote healthy and active living and help children with coordination, teamwork, balance and agility. It also provides children with a chance to socialise with other kids and learn instruction and how to pay attention to the instructor.

Kindy Gym For KidsWho is it for?

Kindy gym programs are generally for children aged 2 to 4. However, there are ones for children younger than 2 as well as ones designed for 4 and 5 year olds. Kindy gym requires parent participation as well so be prepared to get involved in the stretching and activities.

How Much Does it Cost?

This will depend on the facility running the program. In most instances if you want to give kindy gym a try you can do so by paying a drop-in fee of around $10 to $15. If you do decide to continue you may need to pay a liability insurance fee as well as a membership fee to the club. This varies from around $20 to $100 depending on the club. Each session will usually cost around $10 but some clubs require you to pay for the entire term (10 weeks usually) while others allow you to drop in and pay as you come.

How Can I Get Involved?

You can Google “Kindy Gym program” in your area or check your local parenting magazine for advertisements. As mentioned above, most gymnastics clubs will offer a kindy gym program. Have a look at different ones as every day and every program is a little different. The group dynamic will change depending on the teacher and the other parents and children attending each day.

What Do I Need?

You will most likely need to bring water for your child every session. Some programs will require you to bring a prop with you, such as a teddy bear for your child or a small chocolate during the Easter holiday session but this all depends on the program.

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