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Hosting a Playgroup | Stay at Home MumHosting a Playgroup

Hosting a Playgroup at your place is and idea  if you don’t feel like venturing out of the house, and are looking for a change of pace or already have a group of friends that get together with their little ones. This allows you to catch up with other mums in the comfort of your home while watching the kids play together (or beside one another if they are still quite young).  If it’s your turn to host the play date this month, then below are some tips to make it as smooth as possible:

Be the Perfect Host

If you love baking up tasty treats then this is the perfect time to show off your skill. However, if not, then just head to the shops. The next time you are there pick up some tea, coffee and a selection of little biscuits or cakes from the bakery to serve.  If the kids are old enough to eat, you may want to serve up some bite sized treats as well, such as fruit and mini muffins. Have a pot of tea ready to go as well as the treats out so that you can easily serve everyone without having to spend a long period of time prepping in the kitchen.

Clean Smart

You don’t have to clean the entire house top to bottom in the hours before your friends arrive but it is a good idea to give the main areas a scrub down. This especially includes the bathroom as well as the sitting room where your friends will be.  You will most likely have even more mess to clean up after the play date is over so don’t go overboard.

Consider the Weather

On hot and sunny days you may wish to set up a play area outside for the little ones. Just make sure you also have a table filled with water and cups as well some sunscreen. On rainy days you will probably want to block off the outside area unless you are happy cleaning muddy footprints off your floor.

Create a Safe “Play” Area

You can expect a play date with three six month old babies to be a lot less hectic than hosting a play date with three 3 year old terrorizing the house. You may wish to limit the area where the kids get to play. Set up a rug or special designed area for the kids and shut the doors to the rooms that are off limits, such as the laundry room and the master bedroom. That way the kids

know their limits and will hopefully stay within them. When working with babies, a nice soft rug with a few toys should suffice. Take the time to get rid of any photo frames, candles or plants that may take a tumble if furniture is moved or are close enough to the floor for little hands to grab them. And, finally

Have Fun

Play dates in your home are meant to give you a little bit of a break. While you will still need to be on full Mummy duty, you can socialize at the same time. So relax, have fun and relish in the time spent with others.

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