The Popper Patrol is Helping Kids Recycling Poppers for Cash

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Did you know that there are currently over 100 MILLION poppers being sent to landfill each year?

Poppers are a classic lunchbox staple in Australian children’s school lunches. We all grew up with Poppers in our lunch boxes and that tradition is still held today. But unlike the days of the past, these flavoured milk and juice containers can be recycled.

There are more than 24,000 different drink containers that are eligible to be recycled through Containers for Change, with many poppers included as part of the mix. The Popper Patrol is a new campaign that aims to encourage kids to keep these poppers out of landfills and recycle them so they can be turned into something useful we can all enjoy!

The Popper Patrol

Meet the adorable Popper Patrol, Containers for Change’s newest heroes seeking to inspire kids across Queensland to recycle their drink poppers. Featuring Harry Popper, Dolly Carton, Bruce Juice and Annie Smith, these characters will help kids engage kids on their recycling journey.

There is even a free Popper Patrol Activity Pack that includes puzzles and five colouring-in pages which can be downloaded here:

Popper Patrol
Harry Popper, Dolly Carton, Bruce Juice and Annie Smith

Great Fundraising Opportunity for Schools and Clubs

Just think, if 100 million of these poppers are saved from landfills and are recycled through Container for Change – there is $10 Million dollars available in refunds!

You can get your School or Community Group to sign up for a Scheme ID – this number can then be shared amongst the members and all containers collected using this number sees the refund go directly to that group.

Another great way of fundraising using Containers for Change is to become a donation location! A donation location is where you set up a cage or bin where people can safely drop off or donate their eligible containers. Once your cage or bin is full, you can drop them off at the local container refund point which will do the sorting and counting for you and will deposit the money directly into your account or via Paypal.

This is a great way to raise money for schools or clubs.

How To Recycle Poppers

It’s easy! Here are the steps:

  1. Collect Eligible Containers

Most drink containers are eligible for recycling – but not all. You can check the eligibility of containers on the Containers for Change website. or via the app which has a barcode scanner to make it easy.

IMG 5661 scaled | Stay at Home

2. Return Your Containers

There are four different types of container refund points available here in Queensland.

Bag Drop


Find your nearest recycling depot here.

Bag Drops:

Simply ‘bag it, tag it and drop it’ into various locations.

Find a Reverse Vending Machine:

There are locations for Reverse Vending Machines where you can insert uncrushed containers into the machine, it scans the barcode to ensure the item is eligible to be recycled and a refund is given via a retail voucher, EFT or Paypal.

Reverse vending machine

Container Collect:

Containers for Change also offer a free home collection service where your containers will be collected from a designated location. It is only available in selected Queensland Suburbs – and you just choose a pick-up date via the online booking form.

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