Sea World Resort Survival Tips

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Sea World Resort Survival Tips

With school holidays coming up we at SAHM are looking into different holiday destinations around Australia. If you are lucky enough to have some time off work and have a little bit of money saved up, then a holiday may be in the cards. Sea World Resort is one of our top holiday resorts for kids. Not only it is in a beautiful location, but it also caters to every member of the family. Whether your kids are animal lovers, thrill-seekers or water warriors, Sea World Resort has it all.

However, trying to plan the perfect family vacation can be a little stressful. So we’ve put together our top tips on enjoying your vacation to Sea World Resort without feeling overwhelmed and overstressed. These tips can be perfect for any vacation with young children where the name of the game is to enjoy all that the park has to offer!

Sea World ResortPick and Choose

The best way to see it all is to know what to hit. Have a look at the Sea World Resort website before you go to plan the right activities for your family. Below are some of our top picks and an example itinerary:

  • Start the day by exploring the resort with a Tour of Sea World Resort. You will find all sorts of funny characters and great places to relax. Don’t forget to stop by the lobby in the morning for a Meet and Greet with all your kid’s favourite Nickelodeon Characters including Dora and SpongeBob.
  • Head into Sea World as early as possible and be sure to check the session times. There are usually feeding and showtimes for the animals twice a day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon). Start the day by taking in the different shows including the Dolphin Show Imagine, the Penguin Feeding Session and the adorable polar bear Henry as he takes on his first year at Polar Bear Preschool.
  • penguin feedingTake a break for lunch and a rest or check out the Sea World Resort Water Park where you can grab something to eat and cool down. Admission is free for those staying at Sea World Resort.
  • Spend the afternoon exploring the rides. There are rides catered to every age category. For the little ones, stick to the Beach Break Bay and Castaways Bay; for the older kids, impress them by taking a seat next to them on the Storm Coaster, Jet Rescue and Sea Viper. Sure, you may need a big drink at the end of these rides, but that’s all part of the fun! Great rides for the entire family include the Sky High Skyway and the Viking Revenge Flume.
  • Take some downtime in the resort. For dinner, try Shoreline Restaurant in the resort or for something a little more exotic, opt for Hatsuhana Japanese Restaurant, both only minutes away from your room.
  • After dinner stroll down to the SpongeBob Splash Bash for the Nickelodeon Splash Bash Light Show which starts at 8:00 pm and is the perfect way to end your day.

Timing is Everything

Order your tickets online; avoid going to the restaurants during the busiest time and try to visit the park during the weekdays rather than on weekends, if possible. This can help ensure you are making the most of your time at the park.

Sea World ResortPlan for Down time

If your child will nap in a pram, then bring one along and plan to find a shaded or indoor spot where you can all take a breather. Use this time to have a coffee and relax while the kids take a rest. If your child does not nap any more, then it is still a good idea to find a quiet place to chill out, even for a half an hour. If you are staying at the resort, then you may even be able to sneak back to the resort for a quick afternoon sleep before finishing the day with additional attractions.

dolphin discoveryDouble Up

Pay the extra, if possible, and stay for more than one night. That way you don’t have to see everything all at once and you have the chance to only do half days, rather than whole days, which can be a little overwhelming for younger children. You can expect better behaved children both days and spend the afternoon having a family sleep, relaxing at the Sea World Resort Water Park or even doing something as a couple while the kids attend a Kid’s Club session.

A bonus is that for a limited time families that stay two or more nights at Sea World Resort will be upgraded to the Dolphin Discovery Package (see website for terms and conditions) which includes an exclusive dolphin presentation set in Sea World’s spectacular Dolphin Cove theatre.

Know their Limits

Finally, you know your child best and you know how much they can handle. So choose the things that your children will love best and work on their schedule.

While these Sea World Resort survival tips are designed to help parents when visiting the Gold Coast, they can be used in any holiday setting. Regardless of where you are staying, what attractions you are seeing or what you are planning on doing, keep these tips in mind for a stress free family holiday.

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