List of Australian Karaoke Clubs

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List of Australian Karaoke Clubs

List of Australian Karaoke Clubs

Karaoke is great fun, even for those of us who really do sound like cat’s fucking when we sing!  It is the perfect night out for a Hen’s Night, Girl’s Night Out or even a first date!

Western Australian Karaoke Clubs

Queensland Karaoke Clubs

Victorian Karaoke Clubs

  • Heroes Karaoke and Rooftop Bar (Melbourne)
  • Skyways International Hotel
  • CT Bar
  • Wishing Well Tavern
  • Sands Taverner Hotel
  • Boos Karaoke Bar
  • Charltons Entertainment Complex
  • Blue Moon Bar
  • Bramble Bay Bowls Club
  • Strike QV
  • Juke’s Karaoke
  • FM Karaoke Bar
  • KBox
  • Jankara Karaoke Bar

New South Wales Karaoke Clubs

  • Moonlight Magic Karaoke
  • VIP Karaoke Liverpool
  • Echo Point (Sydney)
  • Empire Karaoke
  • Ding Dong Dang (Surry Hills)
  • K-1 Karaoke Lounge (Sydney)
  • Dynasty Karaoke (Haymarket)
  • Strike Bowling (Sydney)
  • CEO Karaoke Sydney (Sydney)
  • Karaoke World (Sydney)
  • K-Square (Haymarket)
  • Goros (Surry Hills)
  • Lantern by Wagaya (Sydney)

Tasmanian Karaoke Clubs

  • Superstar Karaoke (Hobart)
  • Irish Murphy’s
  • Carlyle Hotel (Hobart)
  • Montgomery’s Hotel (Hobart)

South Australian Karaoke Clubs

  • K-Illusion
  • The Voice Karaoke Bar Supper Lounge
  • Rush Karaoke
  • Bacchus Karaoke Bar (Adelaide)
  • La Sing Karaoke Bar (Adelaide)
  • Heaven Plus Karaoke (Adelaide)
  • Lyrics Karaoke Bar Supper Lounge(Adelaide)
  • Melody Karaoke (Adelaide)
  • Ed Lion Hotel (Elizabeth North)
  • Mansfield Park Hotel (Mansfield)

Northern Territory Karaoke Clubs

  • 2 Ezy Karaoke
  • Discovery Darwin
  • Shenannigans Irish Pub (Darwin)
  • Happy Yess (Darwin)
  • The Hotel Darwin (Darwin)


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