Making the Most of Your Family Vacation – Sea World Resort

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Making the Most of Your Family Vacation – Sea World Resort

One of the problems that many families face when going on vacation is deciding what activities, attractions and tours to include on the itinerary that will entertain everyone. This is especially tricky if your children have completely different interests. The last thing you want to hear is “Mum I’m bored”, especially on a supposed fun-filled holiday.

e and ethanOne of our SAHM staff members was recently invited to enjoy a tour of Sea World Resort on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Her family, including Mum, Dad, nine-year-old Ethan and seven-year-old Emerson, were given the challenge to do various activities that everyone loved and keep track of their favourite things.

It’s not often you get to travel with the family to a place where everyone is entitled to enjoy some facet; however, as you drive up and enter Sea World Resort, the first thing you feel is relaxed. Maybe it was the excitement that the kids were feeling, the long corridors where it’s a race to get to the end, or the view from the room where you take in all of what Sea World Resort is all about… the sea.

Although the weather didn’t exactly turn ON the charm, we did however witness a great spectacle of the impending storm…we watched the lightening role in for what seemed like hours, over the hills in the distance, or the pod of the dolphins that frolicked by the water’s entrance (yes they did!). But after some time it became clear that more fun was to be had. So without further ado, here are the winning attractions according to Mum, Dad, seven-year-old Em and nine-year old E.

castaway bayMaster Nine Year Old Picks

Sea World Water Park + Castaway Bay – the park is designed to accommodate large crowds with lots of sun lounges and hire by the day cabanas. A little pricey if you are on a day visit; however, if you are staying in the resort, then it would be well worth the opportunity to soak up some sun and enjoy the pleasures of the kids swimming close by whilst sitting comfortably out of the blazing sun.

Nickelodeon Splash Bash Light Show – As the light show started at 8 pm at night, I was a little hesitant to take the kids until we saw the spectacle from our room and of course thought better of it. It only took a minute to dash and park at the edge of a light and water disco. The smiles on the kid’s faces were priceless as this is an experience you would not get from the comfort of your lounge room chair. One of the memory bank.

Miss Seven Year Old Picks

henrySea World Resort Kid’s Club – What was the best thing about the Kid’s Club according to Miss Seven? ”The Barbie House!” Although this was Miss Em’s pick of the crop, Master Ethan was taken to another land where 8+ Xbox’s took his IT development skills to a whole new level.

Henry at Polar Bear Preschool – Have you ever seen a more beautiful creature…not us! Miss Em wanted to jump right into the Preschool and join in this magnificent creature playtime. The doting mother was not too far behind her baby, and of course, this Polar Bear looked very happy to have a crowd to play up to. Definitely the highlight of the visit.

Meeting the Nickelodeon Characters – The anticipation was deafening… is Spongebob real?  You betcha! He came through the lobby like he owned it and sided up to the kids to welcome them with open arms. Of course, the question on every kids lips..”what is a crabby patty?”… of course. Spongy did not disclose this secret delicacy…

e and doraMum and Dad’s Pick

Shoreline Restaurant – Not your typical buffet where cold cuts and potato salad take precedence. More like fresh prawns, bugs, soft shell crab and of course the desserts… did I mention that hubby goes to jelly for a decent chocolate cake? What about 4 types of profiteroles? What about your personal waiter (ok, well he was waitering about 1/4 of the restaurant; however, he was practically family by the time we left.)

Of course, for breakfast we indulged in every fruit, pastry and egg option available. The kids were of practically friendly with the ice cream machine, I don’t usually let the kids eat ice cream for breakfast, but what happens on vacation, stay on vacation.

Overall Pros

  • The park is quite easy to navigate and sidle up to something fun and exciting
  • The food is fantastic and attainable
  • There is always something that someone  in the family will enjoy (insert eye roll here for the other part of the family!)
  • The room decor is of a high standard – clean and welcoming and plenty of tea and coffee and of course hot water for lazy bathers

sponge bobTop Tips for Family Vacation Fun

  • Choose together – go through the brochures and websites together to see what attractions are offered. That way you can come to a decision now without spending the entire plane ride fighting about what to do when you get there.
  • Learn to compromise – if one child decides one activity, then the other child gets to choose where you go for dinner. Then swap the next day.
  • Split up – it’s okay to spend a couple of hours apart as long as the kids are supervised. Perhaps Dad and one child want to check out a sports event but Mum and the other child would prefer to spend the afternoon at the pool. There is no rule saying you have to spend every second together.
  • Know the plan – nothing quite ruins a holiday like getting stuck in traffic or getting lost. So always have a map handy and a meeting place just in case.
  • Check the weather – if possible, avoid hitting the theme parks during the wet weather. Rides may be delayed or not open at all for safety reasons.

sea world resortHopefully, our guide will help you determine what activities to include on your next family vacation, whether to Sea World Resort or beyond. For more information on making the most out of your next family vacation, check out the current specials and spectacular events at Sea World Resort.

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