My School Holiday Idea With The Kids

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My School Holiday Idea With The Kids

School holidays are great … until you run out of ways to keep the kids entertained.

There is seriously only so much craft, backyard cricket and cooking you can do before their little minds take a left turn from adorable to “Ahhhhh! Get out of my hair and let me eat my breakfast in peace”.

It was actually over a cup of coffee and a crunchy bowl of Kellogg’s while hiding in the pantry from my two sons, Flynn and Nate, who were wrestling on the couch, that my school holiday dilemma (crisis) was solved. In order to have a few seconds of sanity, I decided to read the back of my cereal box and “ka-pow!” there it was, the answer I had been looking for. I quickly grabbed the scissors and started cutting.


Kellogg’s is helping families save money these school holidays, allowing them to spend more time together by running a promotion to make these school holidays fun for everyone with their Grown Ups Go Free promotion, #GrownUpsGoFree! The little blurb now cut out of my cereal box read: Purchase any specially marked Kellogg’s Grown Ups Go Free cereal box, and you get a free adult ticket when you buy a full price child or adult ticket!

First of all, adults never get to do anything for free so that’s a bonus, I thought. Secondly, Kelloggs were giving parents more than 90 popular attractions nationwide to choose from”” and that was enough to make me throw my bowl of cereal in celebration!

What more can a parent ask for? It was like a gift from the gods “” the school-holiday-help-me-gods!

I jumped out of the pantry where I had been hiding and told the boys to grab their shoes because we were going on an underwater adventure on the Sunshine Coast to SeaLife Mooloolaba. I thought about telling them to empty their piggy banks because I was getting in for free, but decided that might tip them over the edge and I wanted to jump on the excitement while it was still hot in their veins!

So after a short drive here we are, the famous SeaLife Mooloolaba. Apparently, the new owners have recently finished a $6.5 million renovation and the attraction is now Queensland’s largest aquarium, with the largest marine life display in Australia.

Ok, I won’t lie, I was a excited to see what all the fuss was about… plus, I like seals!

Sealife (9)One of the first exhibits we came across was this touch and feel tank, full of starfish and anemones in all different colours. The guide let us touch up a couple, which sounds creepy but for someone who has never felt a live sea creature before (because I am not in to deep sea diving and that…) it was quite surreal. The boys loved it too, asking the guide a flurry of inventive questions like, “Can it see me”, and “How do they eat”.

Sealife (10)

Next up we hit the aquarium section, where the boys popped their heads into little bubbles and watched the fish dance around the glass. We saw all sorts of reef fish, poisonous fish, ugly fish, cute fish, colourful fish and teeny-tiny fish. Each tank had a little blurb about the species, which I encouraged the boys to read and memorise for a quiz in the car on the way home (which I had no plan on doing but it was fun to test them anyway!).

Sealife (8)

Next we entered the brand-new, newly renovated shark exhibit and underwater tank, which takes you through eleven other amazing zones that each highlight a different aspect of the aquatic kingdom “” from the sleek stingrays in the Bay of Rays to the seven different species of shark in the Shark Shipwreck zone. It was impressive to say the least.

Sealife (6)

One of my favourite spots along this fascinating underwater tunnel was Turtle Cove, where SeaLife Mooloolaba bring all the injured and sick turtles for rehabilitation. You can see them swimming around the tank, their massive bodies hovering over head like ominous beasts. I could have stayed there and watched them for hours, but with five laps of the tank already under my two sons’ belts it was time to head to the next exhibit.

Sealife (4)

To finish off the day we watched a seal show at Seal Island and were entertained by a band of otters at Otter Empire. We walked through 16 themed zones, listened to 14 talks and watched how different species are fed. I learnt a few things about jelly fish, scared the pants off Nate when a shark swam over our heads (that was fun) and watched my two boys get up close and personal with sea creatures they would never have seen, if not for our family adventure.

Sealife (2)

If you’re looking for an escape these school holidays, do what I did and hide in your pantry with a box of cereal… or purchase any specially marked Kellogg’s Grown Ups Go Free cereal box, and you get a free adult ticket to your choice of over 90 popular attractions nationwide when you buy a full price child or adult ticket.

Kellogg’s is helping families save money these school holidays, allowing them to spend more time together.


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