10 Perfect Gifts For An Outdoors LoverImpress Your Passionate Outdoors Person With These Presents!

Finding the right gift for someone who is a passionate outdoors lover can be a challenge.

You want your gift to be useful, and not a gimmick.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of perfect gifts for anyone who loves the outdoors. From hiking to exploring and camping in the great outdoors, these are all wonderful ideas for any gift-giving occasion.

Consider this your gift inspiration!

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1. Light my Fire Scout Swedish Firesteel 2.0


Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, Swedish FireSteel is a flash of genius. Its 3,000°C spark makes fire building easy in any weather, at any altitude. Used by a number of armies around the world, Swedish FireSteel’s dependability has already made it a favourite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen, campers, and soon, your outdoors lover. The bright spark can also be used as an emergency signal and the striker handle includes an emergency whistle.

2. Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Blade


Having a high quality blade can be the difference between life and death for a hiker, which is why every outdoors person should have one. The Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Blade features a full tang, fixed blade and a durable rubber, ergonomically shaped handle. A lightweight plastic sheath is included and the sheath will clip to either a belt or backpack. Perfect for taking on any adventure, and sure to get you out of any troublesome situation.

3. Gerber Crucial Multi Tool


An outdoors person needs to have tools they can count on that don’t weigh them down. A perfect example of this is the Gerber Crucial Butterfly Multitool. It’s as stylish as a standard pocket knife but complete with all the multitool essentials. It is lightweight and compact with a fold-out belt clip to keep it closely attached. The Gerber Crucial Butterfly Multitool is constructed out of stainless steel and the locking blade and pliers will stand firm through repeated use.

4. AfterShokz Sportz M3 Mobile Bone Conduction Headphones


Believe us when we tell you that you’ve probably never seen a pair of headphones like the AfterShokz Sportz M3 Bone Conduction Headphones. This amazing technology uses bone conduction for an open ear hearing experience. This means that nothing goes into your ears or covers them, but the lightweight and secure headphones allow you to listen to music or take a call on the go. Keeping you safe and alert, mini vibrations travel through your cheekbones to your inner areas, bypassing the ear drum completely. The coolest gift for an outdoors person who wants to take their music with them!

5. SteriPEN Aqua


Water is important to all of us, but to an outdoors person, there’s no doubt that being able to access purified water at all times is a massive advantage. That’s where the SteriPEN comes in. The SteriPEN Aqua is the most economical UV water purifier around and since it carries the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal, you can be sure it is safe and effective. In as little as 48 seconds, SteriPEN Aqua eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa that cause water-borne illnesses. With just three simple steps, you can use the SteriPEN to make any water safe and drinkable.

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