Summer Activities to Do with Your Kids

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Summer Activities to Do with Your Kids

What are you doing with the kids this summer?

Summer is all about getting outdoors and enjoying your kids. While it is always fun to hit the water slides, the theme parks and the zoos in the warm weather, it can also get expensive.  Every parent must admit that sometimes the summer days linger on forever and you are left wishing school would start! So we’ve come up with a great list to ensure you enjoy the lovely outdoors and much-needed family time without having to dish out admission fees or rely on the television. If you are looking for cheap summer activities to do with your kids, then you have come to the right place!

Bg2Family Rides – almost all cities and small towns have walking trails to cater to tourists and locals. Take advantage of these areas, whether it is an esplanade down by the ocean or a walking trail through the botanical gardens. Here are some tips to enjoying family rides this summer:

  • Make a plan to check out a different area every weekend of the school holidays.
  • Try to go during the morning or late afternoon when the sun isn’t so scorching and consider different modes of transportation
  • Fitting bikes into the back seat of a car can be tricky but there are plenty of other options. Skateboarding is definitely my kid’s pick this summer. Skateboards are easy to transfer and a great way to get around. Furthermore, when my little one decides he’s had enough and wants to be carried, it’s a lot easier carrying a skateboard than balancing his heavy bike.
  • Skateboarding is a top choice for older kids as well, especially ones that are ‘too cool’ to spend time with the family. They may be a little less reluctant to participate in family events if you head somewhere where they can practice tricks. Bonus points if there is a skate park nearby. You can relax under a tree with your younger kids while your older ones do their own thing.

If you are considering skateboards for the kids this Christmas or this summer, then check out the range at Penny Skateboards. They have an extensive range of colourful and affordable skateboards for children of all ages. You can build your own skateboard through their website and they currently offer free express shipping on orders. For older kids, you can purchase Gift Certificates online so they can pick out the design, decks, wheels and accessories they want.

pennypic2Summer Swims – this is one of the ways that we cool off as a family. There are a number of different swimming options to consider:

  • Head to your local swimming pool with the kids and hubby in tow.
  • Check out local creeks in your area. This is a great idea if you have dogs as they can join in on the fun too.
  • Hit the beach. If you live near the coast, then start the day with a walk along the beach followed by a dip in the ocean. Just make sure you swim in the nets (if up north) or between the flags.

Fishing Frenzy – you don’t have to be a skilled fisherman to enjoy some family time wetting a line. All you need is fishing rods, bait and a safe place to go.  Fish off the pier, in a creek, on the banks of a nearby lake. This is a great way to pass the time and enjoy the outdoors.

  • If your kids have a short attention span, then consider bringing other activities to do while you put the line in the water, such as a ball for a game of soccer
  • Get the kids to bring their skateboards, especially if fishing off a pier as most piers will have pathways that can be fun to explore and provide additional excitement if the fish are not biting. If you don’t have the equipment and can’t afford new fishing gear, then consider heading down to the beach to look for shells, crabs and other marine creatures.

Evening Star Gazing – summer is all about warm breezy nights so take advantage of the fact the kids don’t have to get up early for school and let them stay up to watch the stars. Take in the sights from your backyard or take a drive to a lookout point. Here are some additional things to consider:

  • The best areas to view the stars are in dark areas away from the bright lights. The beach can be a great place to view the stars or anywhere away from the city.
  • Load up the car with a blanket, hot-chocolate’s-to-go and a star gazing App loading onto your phone so you know what to look for in the sky.

Additional Tips and Hints – You are not expected to spend the entire summer holidays entertaining your kids so don’t feel guilty if they utter the dreaded “Mum I’m bored.” Do as much as you can and balance these activities with indoor crafts, baking, outdoor water play, play dates and picnics.

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