Packing and Preparing for the Theme Park Capital

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Packing and Preparing for the Theme Park Capital

Planning a day at one of the theme parks on the Gold Coast? While all of the parks sell food, supplies and even clothes, its best to be prepared and bring along a bag with you of all your essential items for the day. What you pack will depend on the ages of your kids as well as the park where you are planning on spending the day whether it’s Movie WorldDreamworld,  Sea WorldWet’n’Wild or WhiteWater World. So here is a breakdown of packing and preparing for the Theme Park Capital:

movie world funMovie World

Movie World is very well equipped for kids of all ages.  Dress in shorts and a collared shirt, take a hat and wear lots of sunscreen.  There are load of places to eat and I found the food to be quite reasonable priced (especially in the ‘all you can eat’ pizzeria).

Other great food outlets include the Outback BBQ, Wild West Roadhouse and Arthurs Bakery.  Water is available but is expensive so take your own if you can.  Movie World has lots of areas to store prams when going on rides, so Mums and Dads are well catered to. In your bag I would suggest bringing an extra pair of socks, clothes and towel just in case someone gets sick on the rides or for extra hot days when socks can get wet and sweaty by the end of the day.


You can expect to be walking (or running) all over the place when visiting Dreamworld so wear comfortable shoes and clothes! Avoid wearing jewellery as you will need to take it off anyway. Pack the same items as you would pack when visiting Movie World as well as your swimming gear if planning on going to WhiteWater World as well. Even if you are not taking in both parks, it is still a good idea to pack extra clothes especially if planning on riding the Rocky Hollow Log Ride or Thunder River Rapids Ride.

Sea World 

Dress the kids in shorts, t-shirts, hats and sunscreen. There are plenty of shows to see and coasters to ride so make sure the kids have comfortable shoes or a lightweight pram for little ones. There is also the Sea World Water Park so take bathers and towels for the kids.

Shark_BayFood can be quite expensive so bring a packed lunch. Even if you are on holidays and don’t have your kitchen available to you, you can still pick up pre-made sandwiches,  a six pack of water, a bag of nuts and four pieces of fruit from the grocery store before arriving at the park. If you want to eat out, then we highly recommend the Dockside Tavern where you can relax upstairs on the veranda and watch the playful dolphins splash about in Dolphin Bay. There are plenty of other food options including Dominos Pizza, Lakeside Terrace and the Food Court.


Wet’n’Wild is all about getting wet so pack togs, towel, hat and sunscreen.  For small children that can’t swim I would definitely recommend an approved swimming vest – even though you won’t be taking your eyes off them, it gives you peace of mind when it is very busy, especially when in the wave pool (which is fantastic) as it’s easy for little kids to be knocked over.

The great thing about Wet N Wild is the ‘locker’ system.  For $10 you get an armband that allows you to easily register a locker.  All your bags, phones and personal items can be stored in the locker which will open when you ‘scan the barcode’ on your waterproof armband.  This saves you having to lug around so much gear, and you don’t have to worry about your valuables!  You can also purchase food and other items with your “splash cash” arm band.

WhiteWater World

WhiteWater World is connected to Dreamworld and many families will choose to visit both parks. If this is the case, bring a bag for your swimming stuff (togs, towel) as well as a plastic bag to put the wet items in at the end of the day. Carry along a waterproof container to store items like your phone, wallet and hotel keys to protect these items from the water. And, pack some snacks, lunch and water for the kids as they are bound to work up an appetite splashing around!

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