Packing the Perfect Picnic

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Packing the Perfect Picnic


A picnic is a wonderful way to spend time with your family and friends. However, when you are away from the comforts of home you will need to pack appropriately. Forgetting to bring certain items can mean that your picnic ends early with a trip to the nearest shop or back home. So make sure you have everything you need before you leave the house when picnicking with your loved ones.  Our checklist can help you prepare for your picnic in a matter of minutes.


What food will you need for your picnic? Sandwiches are always a hit and easy to make and wrap before you go. Or, try cheese, crackers and a variety of meats or salad wraps. Make sure you have some healthy side treats as well such as strawberries, watermelon, apples and pears which you can put together in a fruit salad beforehand or eat them whole while you are out. Other good picnic foods include nuts, muffins and bikkies for after lunch. Try not to pack anything that will go off in the sun or will melt, such as chocolate bars. Foods with egg, such as egg salad sandwiches or potato salad can also be a hazard if the temperature is too hot.


The kids will also work up a thirst with all the running around and eating so bring drinks as well. Juice boxes are easy to open and do not require cups. If you are bringing water or juice then don’t forget the plastic cups as well.


In addition to plastic cups you will also needs plates, knives, forks, spoons, napkins or wet wipes as well as a bottle opener if you are bringing wine. There are several different picnic accessory kits that come with everything you need, including a cutting board and small salt and pepper shaker. You may wish to simply bring the ingredients for a picnic, such as butter, bread and tuna, and then put together the sandwiches while you are there. Having a picnic kit makes this much easier to do and makes preparation for a picnic even easier.Picnic 2 | Stay at Home


In addition to eating, what other activities can you do on a picnic? There are plenty! You may want to go for a swim if you are near the beach, creek or river which means you need to pack swimmers and a towel for everyone. You may want to set up a game of soccer, cricket or baseball with the kids which means you will need the sporting equipment. You may want to build sand castles or you may wish to play a board game. Think about what activities you want to do and pack accordingly before you go.

Additional Picnic Needs

Make sure you also throw in some insect repellent and sun screen into your picnic bag.  If you are bringing your dog along with you, don’t forget a leash as well as a doggy bag just in case he decides to go in the park (because you know he will want to). One other thing that all picnickers need is a blanket or something to sit on. If you are going to a council run park then there may be picnic tables already set up. You might want to bring a tablecloth to add a little class to your picnic. Having a picnic blanket is also a good idea as you may wish to lie down after you have eaten. Or, you can also bring your own camping chairs if you wish.

All of these items can make your picnic even more relaxing and enjoyable. What are your essentials for the perfect picnic?

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