To Playgroup or Not To Playgroup

Joining a Playgroup or a Mother’s Group can be a double edged sword.  It can introduce you to some really wonderful, like-minded people, or to some “freaks on table nine” to quote The Wedding Singer.

When I found out that I was expecting twins, I knew that I would need all the support that I could possibly muster. So when I finally did not feel like the living dead; I thought that it would be nice to meet some other multi mums  One day,  I was sitting at a cafe when a woman almost pole vaulted over a table to talk to me. She said “I have three year old triplets – you should come to Multiple Birth Association Playgroup”. It was as if the heavens had opened up a golden light was shining down on this angel. Suddenly I was not alone anymore. Suddenly here was someone who knew the joy and, lets face it, trials of having more then one baby at a time and she had THREE!!

Prior to having children, playgroups meant to me, a bunch of women sitting around bragging about how gifted their children are. The horror stories my girlfriends had told me were enough to make me dread this phrase. Nevertheless, I got in the car that fateful Friday and when I turned up, I was greeted by the most supportive and nicest mothers I had ever met.

It happened to be bottle time for my twins and there were so many ladies offering to lend a hand. Instantly I felt more confident about being a mum. Here were others that could give me useful tips and advice. Prior to this; my girlfriends with children were trying to be helpful, but I soon realised that they had no idea about my situation. After all, they had only had to deal with one baby at a time. By joining the playgroup, I have made life long friends. There is always someone to call upon for advice, support or a date for coffee. The Multiple Birth Association Playgroup also provides me with a regular time and place for me to take the twins to meet other babies. I have other friends with children but most are back at work now; and it’s nice to see the older twins.

When you are a new mum, everything seems overwhelming and scary. I was lucky that I was able to find a group of women who I was able to share my concerns with. If you are thinking about joining a playgroup or mother’s group and have not yet done so, all I can say is just try it once. You will find that there are people that you connect with and people you don’t.  It is the same in any social situation – but just give it a chance. You may even end up with a new best friend.

Do you go to playgroup? What other support groups do you use in your community?


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