15 Splashing Water Play Activities for The School Holidays

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15 Splashing Water Play Activities for The School Holidays

School holidays are around the corner and the kids’ energy level are usually above normal during these days. 

As parents, we need to give their energy levels some red carpet treatment by introducing some cheap or free water play ideas for the school holidays.

(Disclaimer: We are not promoting water wastage. We are simply trying to promote the activities by using minimal water as possible.)

Here are some ideas that we love:

1. DIY Bottle Sprinkler

Get your kids to shower outside with a DIY sprinkler made out of recycled soft drink bottles.

Here’s a great tutorial!

homemade sprinkler6 | Stay at Home

2. Make An Open Aquarium

Let your kids make an open aquarium using some aluminium foil for them to put their toy fishes or reptiles in there.

20 Cheap or Free Water Play Ideas for These School Holidays | Stay At Home Mum

3. Create A Cascading Water Wall

This cascading waterfall is really fun to do! Most especially if you are teaching your kids to recycle. 

DSC 0442 | Stay at Home

4. Play With Bubbles

Bubbles plus a cool colour via a few drops of food colouring is always a winner!

20 Cheap or Free Water Play Ideas for These School Holidays | Stay At Home Mum

5. Make Some Cool Noise

Create some new music by gathering different shapes of metal bowls and putting it on a tub filled with water and hitting it with a rod.

20 Cheap or Free Water Play Ideas for These School Holidays | Stay At Home Mum

6. Experiment With Objects

Do a simple science experiment with your toddler. Let him or her determine which objects sink or float by gathering some household objects or toys and trying them one by one in a mini tub of water. Some great ideas are apples and oranges, toys and rocks. Here’s an awesome guide!

sink or float experiment 20171211 | Stay at Home

7. Make A Frog World

Create a frog world with some miniature toys and some colourful baubles. Make some lotus leaf using wide recycled plastic from plastic containers.

DSC00423 | Stay at Home

8. Set Up A Mini Car Wash

Or set up a mini car wash so that they could play and clean their toy cars at the same time.

IMG 0176 | Stay at Home

9. Make A Coloured Water Run Machine

Make this funnel-and-hose set up and use some coloured water for added fun.

Stay At Home Mum

10. Make A DIY Water Blob

Water blobs are the absolute bomb! Who would say no?

How to make a Water Blob | Stay at Home

11. Make a Frozen Hand

Or create smaller water blobs using some surgical gloves to create a frozen hand and put some more colourful baubles on it.

Stay At Home Mum

12. Or Frozen Dino Eggs

Recreate some frozen dino eggs using some toy dinosaurs.

Stay At Home Mum

13. Play ‘Scrub Those Veggies

One way to encourage your kids to clean their toys is to play some “Scrub Those Veggies.” Allow them to clean their toy veggies and have a contest as to who cleans more veggies. ... e1537771367636 | Stay at Home

14. Marble Water Slide

Such an easy peasy no fuss activity the kids will love! Not the super young ones, though. They should have adult supervision because they might get curious and put the marbles in their mouth!

img 9962 | Stay at Home

15. Water Bag Pinata

Ok this one is something the boys will really really like and the girls will be jealous of all the fun and will want to join, too! It’s a really activity but the kids should be old enough and should be careful because they might hurt each other when they get carried away. Nonetheless you only need grocery bags and water for this one. Really awesome!

pinata7 | Stay at Home

I’m sure your kids would love to be occupied with these wet ‘n wild activities during the school holidays.

15 Splashing Water Play Activities for The School Holidays | Stay At Home Mum

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