Top School Holiday Activities

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Top School Holiday Activities

It’s that time of year again! School holidays are upon us which means the little ones will be running around the house, creating a mess and demanding all or most of our attention. I love the first week of school holidays – the sleep ins, the long leisurely breakfasts and the late night Disney sessions – but by the second week I’m usually at a loss as to what to do. So we’ve put together some great new ideas to try these school holidays that are perfect for school aged kids and are easy on the wallet.

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Check out our top picks on what to do to keep the kids entertained during these school holidays.

Must See Movie: Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue

During the school holidays we always agree to go to the cinemas once (JUST ONCE) with the kids. They get to fight over what movie we see; we splurge on popcorn; and we relax in the big comfy chairs for a couple of hours (usually on a Tuesday because it’s cheaper). We do try and make a big deal about it because going to the movies is not something we do often. We let the kids check out the different movies featured during school holidays, view the trailers and they pick which one we will see. These school holidays my kids have already agreed on Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue and there wasn’t even a fight about it. Bonus.

Both of them are big fans of the 2013 Planes and anything transportation really, so Planes: Fire & Rescue was the logical choice. The movie looks funny and engaging and features some of the same characters as the first Planes movie. Have a peak at the trailer below and see if this is a good fit for your family too. Planes: Fire & Rescue lands in cinemas 18 September 2014. Check out additional trailers at the Walt Disney Studios AU youtube channel.  


zac powerMust Read Book: The Zac Power Series

The Zac Power series is a definite read if you haven’t already discovered them. They first hit the scenes in 2006 and since then there have been over 25 books that follow Zac on his many spy-like missions with his special computer. These are great to read to younger children (a few pages each night) but older kids will also love reading them on their own.

toontastic imageMust Download App: Toontastic

Have you discovered this app yet? Toontastic lets your children tell their own story. Choose the characters, the setting, the plot and all other elements of the story and let your children record their voice. It’s kind of like a puppet show, but on the iPad. Our resident teacher recommended this one and it’s one of her favourites to use with her primary school kids.

Scavenger Hunt

Must Do Outdoor Activity: 

Stage a Scavenger Hunt

Okay, so may seem like an outdoor scavenger hunt would take a lot of time and effort to plan. And, normally it would. BUT we’ve got you covered. Here is an easy scavenger hunt printable to use at home or anywhere outside. Simply print and you’re set! Or, if you are feeling creative, we’ve got a few other scavenger hunt ideas to try.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt



Must Do Indoor Activities: Smoke Jumpers

If the weather is yucky or if the kids want a break from being outdoors, then why not consider this activity – smoke jumper parachutes? It’s completely free and great for kids of all ages. All you need to do is print out the below PDFs, follow the instructions and you can create your own smoke jumpers with parachutes. Thanks to our friends at Disney for this free and fun activity.

Download the instructions and printables here. There are enough printables for five smoke jumpers and parachutes plus a target.

Get them all right herePlanesFR_SmokeJumper_Parachutes-page-001

More School Holiday Boredom Busters

Head over to the Disney website for more family fun and adventure and be sure to check out the new Planes: Fire & Rescue Movie, landing in cinemas 18 September 2014!

Hopefully these free printables, movie, book and app suggestions will help you and your little ones have heaps of fun these school holidays! Be sure to also check out our additional School Holiday ideas to help quell the boredom and enjoy every moment with your little guys.





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