17 Non-Messy Activities To Keep The Kids Busy (Page 2)NO GADGETS!

5. DIY Ball Run

Got a large flat box and a few cardboard tubes? Don’t throw it away just yet because here’s one idea for your kids to play with.

6. Spider Web Basket

All you need is laundry basket, some thread and toys. It will take approximately 5-10 minutes to make a net and place toys inside that will keep them occupied for 20 minutes or more.

7. Cardboard Box Coloring

If you worry about your kids wanting to draw on walls, try putting them in a cardboard box big enough so they can move, and let them draw memories in there!

8. Shadow Drawing Activity

Shadows make a lot of shapes (most of the time, funny) that kids will surely enjoy. So, with just a pen, paper and sunglasses (you might want to use sunscreen too), and a little bit of imagination, this will be a funtime for the entire family.

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