17 Non-Messy Activities To Keep The Kids BusyNO GADGETS!

9. Easy Origami Dog / Puppy

Dog-lover kids will jump with delight to this easy paper craft. All you need is a sheet of paper, and a pen to draw your cute DIY dog’s face.

via redtedart.com

via redtedart.com

10. Reward System for Kids

This is perfect for mums who want to train kids to help with household chores. This will teach kids values like discipline, a sense of responsibility, and even mathematical skills. The “chips” can be anything – paperclips, stickers, play money….anything that you think would work for your kids!

11. Cardboard Box Guitar

Let your child’s musical talent (and creativity) be unleashed with this cardboard box guitar. It may not sound like the real one, but it would still bring loads of fun for your kids.

12. Hot Lava Rugs

Surely, this activity will keep off dirt from the floor as kids run from object to object, making sure not to touch the floor. Your kids will have so much fun they didn’t realise you just want to keep the floor clean.

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