17 Non-Messy Activities To Keep The Kids BusyNO GADGETS!

13. Sticker Line-Up

Just scribble anything in a long piece of paper and your kids can put stickers on it peace and quiet.

via busytoddler.com

via busytoddler.com

14. Washi Tape Flower Craft

Who doesn’t love waashi tapes! They’re colourful tapes that can do a lot of stuff more than just being an adhesive. It’s decorative and for a no-mess fun activity, this flower craft is just adorable.

15. Emoji Mini Notebook DIY

This fun no-glue activity can let your kids get creative with just a piece of paper, black pen and scissors.

via redtedart.com
via redtedart.com

16. Fort Building

Sure, building a fort can require minor mess (you will need blankets and pillows), but if you can convince the kids to make the fort in their bedroom, then you have a mess-free main area still. We build forts by draping a large blanket over the back of two chairs and adding pillows into the covered area. However, you can create forts or tents in any crevice of the house with a little imagination and a lot of blankets.


17. Board Games

I’ve always loved board games. It challenges the mind and spirit. This no mess activity will bring loads of fun not just for the kids but for the whole family as well.

Here’s a Lego Board Game printable!


Here are just a few suggestions we have. What other non messy kid’s activities can you add to the list?  Feel free to submit your own ideas to the SAHM team at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you! 

Jenna Gallina is a WAHM mum of two children under four and an overactive dog. She relies on nap time, Jimmy Giggle and daycare days to keep the house pseudo-cleaned and complete her work before each week is done. And she rarely gets through the day without a glass of wine.

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