Super Simple Party Decorations

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Super Simple Party Decorations

Whether you are throwing a baby shower for your best mate, a birthday for your little girl, a wedding anniversary party for your parents or an Aussie Day BBQ, it is always nice to have a few simple decorations scattered around the entertainment area to brighten things up. Party and event planning is a 237 billion dollar industry in Australia so it’s no wonder than you can drop hundreds of dollars on banners, bunting, balloons, plates, platters and more! We’ve got some super simple party decorations that will cost next to nothing and are oh so adorable. We’ve used Scotch® Expressions Tape to create these super simple party decorations for a baby shower but you can adjust the colour scheme to suit any party theme. Have fun, think outside the party planning box and Make it Amazing! 

bunting 1 3m

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A bunting is a beautiful way to highlight a table or main party area in the room. To create this super cute flag bunting all you need is:

– Scotch® Expressions Tape (we used yellow, purple and pink)
– Decorative String

1. Cut a 4-5cm piece of Scotch® Expressions Tape.

2. Fold over the piece of kitchen twine or decorative string that you have selected.

3. Snip the ends of the tape from the outside edge into the centre to form the flag end. We placed these flags approx 4 cm apart but it all depends on the length of string or twine you are using.

jars 1 3mCupcake Flags

Cupcake flags can add a little sparkle to any party and, again, are incredibly simply to make. You can add cupcake flags to all sorts of party treats, from fruit platters to cocktail drinks.

– Scotch® Expressions Tape (we used yellow and pink)
– Toothpicks

1. Cut a 4-5cm piece of Scotch® Expressions Tape

2. Fold over the toothpick

3. Snip the ends of the tape from the outside edge into the centre to form the flag end.

Miniature Jars

These little jars were once used to store pickles but now they are an adorable centerpiece for a baby shower. We filled the jars up with milk to go with the whole baby shower theme but you can choose to use these for anything – add different coloured lollies to each jar; use them as drinking cups instead of the traditional plastic cups; or add small messages to each bottle to complement a nautical theme (message in a bottle anyone?). Here’s how you can create these super simple party decorations:

– Miniature jars or bottles (you can use any type of glass bottle, from empty and cleaned jam and salsa bottles
– Scotch® Expressions Packaging Tape (these come in a number of styles and designs but we stuck with the pink baby shower theme and opted for fuchsia inspired patterns)
– Straws
– Scotch® Expressions Tape (we used purple and pink)

candles 1 3m1. Cut the required amount of Scotch® Expressions Packaging Tape that you will need to go around the bottle or cup that you are decorating. Make sure the two ends overlap and are in line with each other.

3. Decorate the straw by cutting a 5 cm piece of Scotch® Expressions Tape and wrap around the straw matching up the ends.

4. Use the same method as the cupcakes flags to create the flag

5. Fill with liquid, lollies or anything else you choose

Creative Candle Holders

Spice up regular tea light candles with this super simple party decoration tip:

– Tea tree candles (as many as you need)
– Scotch® Expressions Packaging Tape

1. Wrap the Scotch® Expressions Packaging Tape around the tea tree candle holder

2. Make sure the ends overlap and are even with one another.


Make it Amazing!

Give it a try! You may be surprised at how easy it is to let your inner craft queen out. And don’t forget to upload your creations to the Make it Amazing competition for your chance to win an iPad Mini. There are five to give away as well as daily prizes given out for the voter favourites. You also have a chance to win a Scotch® Expressions Prize Pack by simply telling us in the comments below, what’s your favourite party decoration to make?” 

Crafts by Kirstene Freidman.

Written by Jenna Gallina




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