Tips For iPad Play

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Tips For iPad Play

Tips for iPad Play | Stay at Home

If you haven’t already given into the phenomenon that is the iPad then you are bound to soon. Almost all schools now have iPad programs as part of their curriculum and there are countless amazing and educational apps out there for children of all ages and of all levels. While letting your child play on your iPad is more interactive than other types of screen time (aka the television), it shouldn’t be used as a babysitter. Below are five ways to find the perfect balance between iPad play and iPad obsession.

See the Benefits

Learning to use an iPad can provide your child with a very important skill that will be used in school. The iPad can be used to play but it can also be used to research as your child progresses. All schools now have specific iPad time for children and it is important that your child does understand how to use this device. Try to see the iPad as an educational device instead of just another piece of technology.

Play Along

Rather than propping your child in front of the iPad, sit down with them and help them with the different games. There are memory games, puzzles, books to read and much more. And while you can set it so that the iPad ‘teaches” your child by reading to them and talking to them, it is best if you actually do this as well. Share the fun and delight in the different games together.

Set Limits

Letting your child play with your iPad is always going to be a controversial subject. If you have allowed them to use it from time to time, then make sure you always set limits on how much they can play each day. Many children (mine included) could sit in front of the iPad for hours at a time. Let them play with the iPad for fifteen minutes to one half hour at each sitting before deciding on another activity. If you find that your child is getting a little obsessed with the iPad, set a timer so that they know when iPad time is over and when it’s time to go onto a new activity.  Ideally, two fifteen minute sessions (one in the morning, for example, and one in the afternoon) is plenty!

Explore Other Outlets

The iPad has apps that will teach your child to read, to draw, to do puzzles, have tea parties, to socialise, to drive, to paint, etc. It can literally take the place of traditional puzzles, games, crayons, paper and other educational toys out there.  You should still invest in actual books, puzzles and games to play with your child rather than letting him do it all through the interactive world of the iPad.

Keep the Temptation Away

When iPad play is over, have a specific spot that the device ‘lives’ that is not is the direct sight of your child. For example, after your child has played with the iPad for the day, put it away in your closet or in your bedside table so that it is not sitting on the coffee table, begging to be touched. That way your child will forget about the device and hopefully be happier to do something else instead.

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