Top Six Activities to Do With Your New Baby

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Top Six Activities to Do With Your New Baby

Top Six Activities to do with your New Baby | Stay at Home MumTop Six Activities to Do With Your New Baby

Once the newborn phase is over you may be more prepared to actually head out with your new baby. Once you develop a semi decent sleeping routine during the day you will most likely have a few longer wakeful periods. Both you and your bub will benefit from stimulation outside of the house. So why not consider some of these community activities to help you interact with other parents and to help introduce your little one to the world around her.

Swimming lessons

Swim schools across Australia offer lessons for little ones usually as young as four months. Introducing your water to baby in a safe and friendly environment is a great way to spend a morning and to better prepare her for swimming down the road. Swim lessons, however, are not cheap so be sure to compare prices and companies that offer lessons in your area.

Infant massage

There are several registered massage therapists that offer courses on infant massage. Furthermore, many communities offer a 5 to 6 week program for free. Check your local community centre or online to see what is available in your area. Infant massage is all about exploring your baby through touch. Babies love to be touched and you will hopefully learn some tricks on settling and soothing your little one as well.

Exercise for Two

There are a number of exercise programs available for mothers and babies. Check to see what your community has to offer. Some towns have weekly stroller club where you and other mothers can get together and walk. Others have Pilates, yoga, aerobics and even boxing that is baby friendly. You will not only be working up a sweat and getting rid of some of that baby weight, but you will also be interacting with other mothers in your same position and with your baby at the same time. Bonus.

Or, if you are feeling a little cabin fever being in the house all day, put on a pair of running shoes and hit the pavement with your bubby? Walking around the block is a great way to introduce baby to the different things around her. Let baby sit upright and look out at the world. Explore different walking trails, parks and other areas around you.

Baby rhyme time or story time

Check your local library to see when they offer baby rhyme time or story time. Some communities will host this free program once a week while others will have it once a month. Come along with your little one and enjoy some books read out loud and some silly rhyming games with other mothers and babies. Even if you don’t know most of the nursery rhymes, you will certainly learn quickly!

Join a mother’s group

There are community sponsored programs that bring together new parents with babies the same age. These are usually government sponsored programs and run by a child health nurse. Not only can you meet other parents but you can also have baby weighed and ask any questions about their health, settling, sleep, eating and other concerns. Or, you can look into local playgroups in your area that specialise in baby activities and games.

Visit a Park

While your little one may be too young to really enjoy the slide, swing and see saw until she is at least walking, you can still explore these things with you. Bring a blanket and a couple of books to read to you while you are out and find some shade to spend time with her. She will love lying on her back watching the clouds roll through the sky, the trees blow in the wind and, of course, her favourite sight your smiling face.

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