Guided Tours with Children

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Guided Tours with Children

One of the most popular ways to see the sights when you are on holidays is to take a guided tour. Tour prices often include pickup and transfers from your accommodation, costs to get into the sights and lunch and snacks for the day. Most tours will accommodate adults and children as well. However, if you are planning on taking a tour on your next holiday, whether it is on a boat to the Great Barrier Reef, in a 4×4 along the beach at Fraser Island or through the city traffic in Sydney, there are a few things you need to consider when bringing the kids with you.

Guided Tours with Children | Stay at Home MumConsider the Size of the Tour

Will you be on a large bus or boat with plenty of other people? Or will you on the tour with only a handful of others? In some instances it will be better to travel with plenty of other people as it means there will probably be other children amongst the crowd. If you are taking a tour with only a handful of people, then you can expect the costs to be more and you can expect the other tourists to most likely be a little disappointed to be sharing the day and the small space with overtired children.

Consider the Children’s Needs

It is only natural that your child will get grumpy if they are overtired or hungry, regardless of where you are. So plan ahead. If your child is still napping during the day, then consider a half day tour or look into a tour that allows you to bring a pram so they can have a sleep in transit. Check the menu and see when lunch and tea is served. If the meal is served at 2:00pm and your child is used to an early lunch, then pack a sandwich for them to eat at noon so they don’t get hungry and upset waiting for the meal to be served.

Consider the Carrier

When you are touring you can expect to spend a lot of time in transit. While the tour guide may try their best to keep you entertained, it can be hard spending a long period of time in any mode of transportation, whether you are on a large ferry or whether you are crammed in the back of a 4 wheel drive. If your child is prone to motion sickness or if they hate travelling in the car, then look for a tour that is close by and where you are not driving or moving for extended periods of time.

Consider the Activities Planned

This will help you determine how child friendly the tour really is going to be. When you are booking a tour through a travel agent or online make sure you do specify that you will have children with you. Some tours are not suitable for children while others allow children to come but may not allow children to be included in some activities. For example, taking a reef boat snorkelling with two children that cannot swim means that you will most likely be sitting on a boat for two hours watching as others snorkel around you. Taking the tour around different wineries can be the perfect way to spend the afternoon for you, but you can expect the children to get pretty bored in record time. Activities that allow children to get interactive and involved in the activities are best for families, especially if you have young children.

Another option when it comes to guided tours is to consider taking a half day tour with just you and your partner and leaving the kids in the Kids Club. Most accommodations offer a Kids Club for children as young as two and provide full day or half day sessions.

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