6 Apps To Organise Your FamilyFinally getting digital help to streamline your family's schedule

Am I the only Mum who has an annual diary dilemma? I rotate between a paper and online diary at least 3 times a year, never quite finding the perfect system for managing all of those people and activities that have somehow crept into my life.

If you have a similar love / hate relationship with the tangible versus technical, I promise that there are ways to use free technology to organise your family that won’t cause you the same level of personal conflict as abandoning your sacred paper diary.

So, ditch the pen and paper, you won’t need them anymore… well that would be the case if you were all over the first point. So let’s get started.


1. Random Note Taking

via mergy.org
via mergy.org

You’re a Mum, therefore a multi-tasker; you have a million things that you need to remember:

  • Buy child 1 socks
  • OMG a friend just told you about the coolest website where you can find amazing birthday presents for under $15
  • Your child just cracked a joke “is that duct tape made of real ducks?”

Obviously you’ll want to write these babies down!

Introducing Evernote, a free program designed for note-taking, tracking your to-do items, saving favourite websites and basically tracking anything random in your life that you don’t want to forget.

Use it on your computer and/or smartphone. Your data is stored online so you can access your notepads from any device.

2. Family Home Page


Imagine opening a browser at home only to find all of your favourite webpage links in front of you, along with a Google search bar, the top 5 news stories, a weather forecast, dictionary and calculator!

If you’re on a mission to use free technology to organise your family, a home intranet is a must.

There are quite a few applications that you can use to make this happen, iGoogle portal is one of the easiest to use. Simply set it up and save it as the launch page of each of your internet browsers.

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