6 Apps To Organise Your Family (Page 3)Finally getting digital help to streamline your family's schedule

5. Password Tools

via www.talkandroid.com
via www.talkandroid.com

Have you subscribed to what feels like a million websites and remembering the different passwords seems more challenging than child-proofing your home for your first born?

LastPass can be downloaded onto your computer to manage all of your passwords. Simply save the username and password in your secure LastPass application and upon signing in to a website, your username and password will automatically be populated for you!

6. Free Video calls

via plus.google.com
via plus.google.com

I suspect most people know about Skype , one of the most popular (free) video conferencing applications on the market. But do you know about Google Hangouts , you can record the video conversation, put little virtual tiaras on people’s head and draw all over the screen while you’re talking! These cute features are sure to keep little Johnny on the phone to Granny for an extra 10 minutes.

Imagine, how easy it will be next time you ask Hubby to take the kids to school “Just go to the Intranet for instructions about what to prepare the kids for lunch, you’ll find a link to the school’s portal there too, login to find out if sports day has been cancelled, you won’t need a password, LastPass will log you on automatically”. I’m going back to sleep now honey.

How other apps you use to organise your family?

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