Are You Suffering from Vacation Deprivation? Well, You’re Not Alone

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Are You Suffering from Vacation Deprivation? Well, You’re Not Alone
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Do you remember the holidays you had as a child….

The never-ending Summer days, the shock of jumping in the water at the beach or your first taste of a new place? The saddest bit about childhood holidays is only having hazy memories or the odd out-of-focus photograph in one of Mum’s old photograph albums…

With border restrictions and international travel still on hold, holidays seem like something we can only dream about at the moment…

Covid-19 is Causing ‘Vacation Deprivation’

A report recently released via Expedia shows that millennial parents are suffering the most from ‘Vacation Deprivation’ even before Covid-19 and with overseas travel off the books for quite a while and the lines between work, home and family are blurred, many may be feeling even more holiday deprived.

As Covid-19 still rages through the planet, our travel dreams are somewhat dashed just for the moment. However, travel website Expedia reveals that despite being grounded for the moment, we can still enjoy our ‘holiday high’ while being at home by tapping into old holiday memories and dreaming of future travels as a family.

To help families relieve their feelings of ‘Vacation Deprivation’ and encourage quality family time, Expedia has launched a new kids travel journal. From reminiscing about past trips, to learning about new destinations, the Explorers Journals are full of creative prompts to seed curiosity, inspire conversations, and encourage self-expression.

Grab Your FREE Expedia Explorers Journal

How to Achieve a ‘Vacation State of Mind’

Go Through Old Travel Photographs

Take the kids through your old photographs and videos and show them where you went on holidays as a child. There is nothing better than reminiscing about the simple holidays you had as a child, in fact, according to Expedia, 81% of Aussies look at old holiday photos and videos as a way to top up their holiday high.

Plus, it hopefully makes your children appreciate the holidays they have had in their short little lives! Talk about where you went, who you went with, and how those holidays made you felt. Ask your kids about the holidays they remember, and what they loved about it!

syzzFrGQ | Stay at Home

Talk to the Kids About Where They Would Like to Go on Holiday

The Expedia Explorers Journal inspires kids to think about where they might like to go both in Australia and overseas. Let their imaginations run wild”¦.

Whether it’s a holiday an hour’s drive away or a plane ride across the earth, let them dream big. Grab a large map of the world and place little flags on all the places they would like to visit. The Expedia Explorers Journal can help them decide on where they would like to go, or to find out about places they haven’t yet dreamed of! Plus they have a cute little map right there the kids can use!

gfdgzGIQ | Stay at Home

Put Together a Holiday Playlist

Music can take you to another place”¦ so in lockdown, why not use Spotify to put together the ultimate holiday playlist.

A few good oldies but goodies include:

  • Island in the Sun by Weezer
  • Run to Paradise by The Choir Boys
  • The Thong Song, Cisco
  • Summer of 69 – Brian Adams
  • The Pina Colada Song by Rupert Holmes
  • Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff
  • Boys of Summer by Don Henley
  • California Girls by Katy Perry
  • School’s Out by Alice Cooper

Play your list at home, put on your swimmers and a hat, grab a cocktail and a straw, and dream about being on the beach……

q 53vvCQ | Stay at Home

Re-Create Old Photographs with Your Children

Another super-fun idea is to find old photographs of you on holiday with your parents, and recreate the photo with your own family! The photographs below was taken by Finnish photographer Wilma Hurskainen who rounded up her three younger sisters to recreate the holiday picture her father took 20 years earlier.

Photographer recreates a host of childhood holiday snaps 20 years ...

Image via Wilma Hurskainen via The Daily Mail

Finnish photographer Wilma Hurskainen

Image via Wilma Hurskainen via The Daily Mail

Plan Your Perfect Holiday – For When the Times Comes

Forget about the kids for a minute.  What about YOU?

You know what is really fun?  Going through and planning a trip.

Going through all the places you would like to visit, check out the best and newest hotels.

XqTDSgAw | Stay at Home

Finding the best places to eat….  Just because you can’t go on holidays right now – doesn’t mean you can’t do all the planning – after all – that’s the fun of it!

I’m currently looking at the best hotels to stay at in Fremantle – I can’t wait to go back home for a visit…..

fremantle | Stay at Home

So download the Expedia Explorers Journal today (it’s free) and dream of places to go – tomorrow!


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