7 Great Reasons To Take Your Kids To The Library

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7 Great Reasons To Take Your Kids To The Library

Libraries used to be a central part of entertainment for parents and kids, but as we’ve moved on to more modern technology, the libraries of our community have fallen by the wayside.

Today, we want to tell you that there’s no reason for that to happen. Libraries are actually fantastic, family-friendly spots, and we have a few great reasons that you should take your kids to your local library now, and more regularly!7 Great Reasons To Take Your Kids To The Library

1. More Visits Mean More Reading

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If you visit your local library regularly, you can almost guarantee that your kids are going to do more reading, and reading is good for their brains and development. Oh you didn’t know that? Yep, as it turns out reading can help brain development, particularly in the first five years of life. And we don’t just mean independent reading, when you read to your children, you’re improving existing links in their brain cells, and helping new links to form. Reading also helps to improve the foundation literacy and numeracy skills that will take your child to success. It’s also a great way to connect to your kids and spend quality time together.

2. There Is A Massive Range Of Books

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When you get kids into it, many quickly become voracious readers. In fact, some become so prolific that it would be impossible to keep up with their reading appetites. Families these days are already seriously strapped for cash in many cases, so why spend money on books when you can get them at the library? At a library, kids can borrow more than enough books to keep them interested at home. They’re also able to explore a much broader range of books, published over years and decades, than are available at a local bookstore. Libraries give kids a chance to freely discover the books they want to read, without caps on spending, and the ability to have a try of different genres.

3. Borrowing Teaches Kids Responsibility 

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While kids usually start borrowing on their parent’s library card, we at SAHM think that getting your child their own library card, in their own name, is the best thing you can do for a young reader. A library card and the borrowing ability that comes with it teaches an important lesson about responsibility. You should explain to your child that they are being trusted with the book by their librarian, and that books need to be looked after. Make a big deal of that library card, it could really change your child’s life.

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