When Snot Sticks Turn To Vicks!

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When Snot Sticks Turn To Vicks!
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Winter Is Here…And So Is The Cold And Flu Season.

And It’s Already Hit Our Home!

Last week my son had a pretty severe case of Bronchitis.  That little sniffle turned into a fully-fledged chest infection in a matter of hours, and honestly, I’ve never seen him so crook.  Not only did he have to go on antibiotics for the first time in his life, he had a week and a half off school!

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The worst part was his cough.  With the seasonal change, comes the cooler evenings and chilly nights and as soon as that temperature drop came, so did the coughing.  And the coughing threatened an all-nighter for all of us.  The poor little petal was pretty distressed and upset (sleep deprivation is some kind of torture huh?) from lack of proper rest.  Now, I’ve had a Vicks Vaporizer since my boys were born (and because they both suffered croup when they were little little, I actually had two of them, one for each kid) so I whipped it out, set it up (simple as, very important in the middle of the night) added the aromatic essential oil solution and within minutes of that steam filling the air and soothing his dry, irritated, spasm-wracked little airways, his coughing subsided, and eventually he drifted off to lala land.

The very best place to be when you need to recover. In fact, we all got a good night’s sleep and have continued to do so through the illness thanks very much to our new Vicks Vaporizer! I should add that one of our old fellas (the vaporizer, not my husband, though he’s doing ok too) is still going strong…but the newbie is super-amazing. Not only is it a lot quieter than the oldie, the warm steam absolutely pumps out of it. PUMPS I TELL YOU!!! And I can focus the direction of that beautiful steam towards where it needs to be most.

Vaporizers Versus Humidifiers Versus Diffusers = So What’s the Difference?

Everyone these days seems to be peddling a type of ‘steamer’ for the home.  I’ve always been a Vicks girl myself, and seeing as that first Vicks Humidifier my Mother-in-Law bought for me over 10 years ago is still going strong today, it stands to reason that I shan’t be jumping ship anytime soon. And seriously, if I’m going to place an electrical device that contains water in my child’s bedroom, I want it to be safe.  I want to know that the brand is reputable, sturdy and will do all it says it will.  That is important to me. But which should you choose?

Vaporizer = Warm Steam = Perfect for Colds, Coughs, Snot, Phlegm, Sick Babies


Vaporizers release warm steam into the air and that is exactly what you want to help relieve colds, flu and congestion in little snotty noses. The warm steam released by the Vaporizer breaks up the congestion in the airways and eases coughing, and adding in the Vicks VapoSteam Inhalant to release soothing peppermint and eucalyptus scents help make it possible for little people to sleep as snug as a bug in a rug even when they’re clogged up like a plug! See what I did there?

With our little munchkins, we are pretty limited on the amount of medication we can give them to alleviate their poor little snot filled noses, so having a Vaporizer in their room is a lovely, natural way to help them out.

One huge factor (again with having an electrical appliance with water in a kids bedroom), The Vicks Vaporizers have loads of inbuilt safety features like 25% cooler steam and an automatic shut-off when it runs out of water.

They aren’t just for kids either.  I use them when I have a bad cough at night – they work a treat!

There is also a lesser chance of bacteria being released as the water is boiled. Mega bonus!

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Humidifier = Cool Mist = Increase Moisture in Air, Helps Allergies and Dry Skin

Humidifiers are different to vaporizers. Instead of warm steam, they disperse a thin mist of cool air using a small fan. The water is not heated, even though the mist looks like steam. Humidifiers increase the humidity in a room so they are fantastic when the air is very dry, making breathing easier and providing a more comfortable sleep. They are beneficial for anyone who suffers from allergies, has dry skin, chapped lips or dry nasal passages. The Vicks Scent Pads that fit the Mini Cool Mist provide that soothing Vicks scent and are suitable for use in children under 2 years.

These are really low maintenance, super quiet, easy to clean and don’t require any filters.

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Diffuser = Cold Mist + Smells Pretty + Look Pretty = Fancy Piece of Electrical Home Decor

A diffuser is essentially a low-powered humidifier with essential oils added. Yes, they look nice and smell nice, but they are really for the home, and not for making our kids feel better when they are under the weather.

Why Every Parent in Australia NEEDS a Vicks Vaporizer

Why? Because they are the best. They work. They are trusted. And they come with a big fat warranty. What else do you want?

Not only does your sick child need a Vicks Vaporizer to help them sleep and recover, you need one so that YOU TOO can get a good nights sleep.  Looking after young children is tough, and especially so when they are unwell, it’s a time of stress and worry and sleep deprivation is the last thing that you need added to the list. Vicks Vaporizers give you access to a product that provides gentle, natural steam therapy for all-night relief of colds, flu, bronchitis and croup symptoms so everyone gets a decent restful sleep and you can’t put a price on that!

Also, If you have to buy a new parent a baby shower gift – go the Vicks Vaporizer. New parents sometimes have concerns about appliances close to their children (and rightly so, our babies are so precious) but you can alleviate their worries by gifting them a well-known brand that is Vicks, with it’s automatic shut-off, 25% cooler steam, lock-on cap and nightlight and 12-14 hour operation time so there is no chance of the warm moist air becoming cold heavy air while your sick little ones are in the room.

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Where Can You Buy a Vicks Vaporizer?

You can buy Vicks Vaporizers, Humidifiers, thermometers and the VapoSteam inhalant fluid that gives that amazing nose-clearing, airway-soothing, mind-lulling scent that we love so much!

Stockists include:

Stay at Home Mum Loves:

This Vicks Starry Night Humidifier!  OMG isn’t it just adorable! Not only is it so darn cute, it’s incredibly clever. Check this out:

When Snot Sticks Turn To Vicks

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  • Invisible moisture for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep
  • Automatic moisture balance system: fine mist for maximum comfort
  • Starry Night Projector creates a soothing star pattern effect
    perfect for children of all ages
  • Two modes:
    – Maximum:  Large rooms or higher moisture level
     Sleep mode: Smaller rooms or quiet operation
  • Filter absorbs minerals & impurities; prevents bacteria growth
  • Vicks VapoPad (included) releases soothing vapours
  • Large capacity runs for up to 24 hours
  • 3-year warranty
  • Suitable for children under 2 years

So your child will sleep better, AND has something soothing to watch whilst sleepy eyes droop.

So new mums, grandmums, family and friends, if you know someone that doesn’t yet have one of these, grab one for the little people in your life!

When Snot Sticks Turn To Vicks!

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