15+Christmas Day Activities For The Whole Family

If you just want to spend the whole day inside away from the scorching heat of the sun, there’s still no stopping the fun. Or if everybody is tired out, or when the sun starts to go down, take the party inside with some some board games and cups of cocoa.

Here some indoor Christmas Day activities sure to bring fun for the whole family!

9. Cookie Face Challenge

A fun way to exercise the muscles on your face!

Stay At Home Mum
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10. Complete The Puzzle (Using Oven Mitts)

If for you, completing a puzzle is a breeze, try doing it using oven mitts!

Stay At Home Mum
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11. Unwrap the Gift (Using Oven Mitts)

…or opening your gifts! You can just imagine the fun and laughter that it brings.

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12. Candy Elevator

Make eating candies a more challenging one for the whole family with this game that’ll test your balance and hand and body coordination.

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