15+Christmas Day Activities For The Whole Family

13. Snow Shovel Race

Shoveling snow is not that easy, just as this snow shovel race where you get to pick these cotton balls using only a spoon, then finish in just a minute.

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14. Attack The Snowman

Toppling down a stack of cups may look easy, but try using cotton swabs, then you’re up for a challenge.

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15. Marshmallow Chopsticks

Picking up marshmallows the hard (but fun) way.

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16. Who Am I? Game

This guessing game will provide the whole family hours of fun!

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17. Board Games

Nothing beats board games to keep the family entertained this season!

Christmas Olympics

A fun idea is to combine all of these games into your very own Christmas Olympics! You can tally up scores from each game as you go to find out who is going to be the reigning Olympian for the year. Make the prize something simple that won’t cause too much jealousy among the winner’s siblings, but at the same time, make sure it’s a real prize. For example, the winner gets to choose what to eat that night.

You can easily turn this into an annual tradition each Christmas for something that the kids will really look forward to. It’s fun and inexpensive, an incredible way to spend a Christmas afternoon.

December 25th is about being together with the family, so whatever you do, whether you decide to play games, watch a movie, or just nap on the couch, do it as a family.

What Christmas Day activities do you do as a family?

I hope your holidays are full of fun and laughter!

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