Christmas Eve Activities For KidsTo keep the little ones busy!

It’s finally the night before the big day, and if your house is anything like mine, it’s gonna be swarming with relatives and guests.

It’s going to be difficult to keep both the guests and the kids entertained, so we’ve put together four fun activities to keep the kids busy and, more importantly, wear them out before the big man arrives!

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1. Christmas Movie Marathon

This tradition never gets old. Between the old classics and the newer releases, you’ll have no trouble finding enough good, wholesome movies to keep the young ones busy for a long time.

Give them some snacks, pop some popcorn, and throw the first movie in. There are a lot of Christmas movies that aren’t specifically meant for kids, so read some online reviews if you plan on playing a movie that you haven’t seen yourself.

Your list will probably vary depending on the age range of the group too; just make sure you choose films that even the youngest kid present can watch. If you aren’t sure what to play, here’s a short list of family Christmas favourites.

  • A Christmas Story
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (both 1966 and 2000)
  • Home Alone
  • Frosty the Snowman (1969 claymation)
  • Elf ( probably best for 12+)
  • A Christmas Carol

2. Use Google Earth to Track Santa

Santa can’t hide from the world any longer! NORAD started tracking Santa’s seasonal exploits in 2008 using satellites and radar to give you a real time view of his progress. This fun activity allows you to watch Google Earth as Santa moves across the globe, delivering presents to all. You can go to to see where he is on the world map. It’s a lot of fun!

3. Christmas Lights Parade

Bundle up the kids and take them on a parade around the neighbourhood to see all the neighbours’ Christmas lights. If you want to make the most of it, drive around the night before and make a note of the most interesting light displays. This will save a lot of aimless wandering if you find yourself on a block that’s lacking in holiday spirit.

4. Making a Snack for Santa

While tracking Santa’s movements on Google Earth may be the newest tradition in your household, leaving out biscuits and milk for Santa is certainly the oldest. It takes a lot of work to visit all the houses in the world, and work like that will make a man hungry. Keep your kids’ spirits high by setting out a plate of biscuits near the Christmas tree. You can leave some carrot sticks for the reindeer too.

These activities are fun and frugal, making them excellent ways to spend a Christmas eve.

What are your family traditions and usual activities for kids on Christmas eve?

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