7 Fun Family Activities You Can do at Christmas Time!That don't include running around like a maniac!

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5. Bake Christmas Treats

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A less strenuous activity is to bake cookies and other Christmas treats. Check out our recipe page for more great Christmas recipe ideas. Rum balls, shortbread, coconut balls and Christmas-themed sugar cookies are some great ones to try (and sample).

6. Drop off Gifts

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If you are planning on giving your friends and neighbours a small gift, then it can be fun to stop off and surprise them with a little visit as well. You can spend a Saturday going to each friend’s house, having a quick visit and dropping off a gift.

7. Check out the Christmas Light Displays

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via calgaryherald.com

Another great way to spend the evening is to take a drive around town and check out other people’s lights. Many people will go all out and make a Christmas display with thousands of lights, characters and Christmas paraphernalia. Many will ask for a small coin donation as a way to fund these displays or as part of a charity program. You can get a program of the best light displays through your local paper or ask around.

Let the family fun begin! Merry Christmas! 

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