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When you’re on-the-go, nothing beats comfortable and safe baby slings or carriers so you can take your baby with you whether you’re outdoors or even on a trail.

Baby slings and carriers are truly godsend. With these, adventure-loving mums and dads can now take their bubs with them anywhere, even on trek.

Even for mums and dads living a simple and sometimes, sedentary lifestyle, baby slings are still the best thing on earth for them as they can bond with their little ones as they are kept tight and close to their hearts (quite literally).

Over the years, baby companies have come up with new developments in carrier designs and materials to fit every parent’s and baby’s needs. So we gathered the best 10 that would make you realise carrying your baby can be this nice and comfy.

1. The Hug-a-Bub Organic Mesh Baby Ring Sling

The Hug-a-Bub Organic Mesh Baby Ring Sling is made from a soft and breathable 100% cotton fabric which allows for airflow around your baby. It has a gathered shoulder design to give you additional coverage and for enhanced wearing comfort.

Colours: Comes in two colours, Uluru Sunrise and Bondi Blues

Carry Life: This baby sling will last you from birth until your baby no longer wants to be carried.

RRP: $94.95

hug a bub baby sling | Stay at Home Mum

Available at Angel Bub Maternity Wear

2. The Manduca Baby Carrier

The Manduca Baby Carrier was invented by a mum in Germany who taught other mums how to wear their baby. It has been designed with comfort in mind, for both mum and baby. It has generously padded shoulder straps, a wide waist belt which evenly distributes the baby’s weight, and is designed to give the baby the orthopedically recommended  ‘M’ position (that is that the baby’s bottom is lower than the knees).

Colours: Comes in Black, Navy and Red

Carry Life: Newborn to Pre-school

RRP: $189.95 with free shipping included

Available at Angel Bub Maternity Wear

3. The Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier

The Ergobaby Omni 360 carrier is a marriage of the original 360 and Adapt. It enables your baby to sit in four positions, it does not need a newborn insert, it has a new cross over strap option — all of these whilst maintaining the signature hip safe ergonomics and classic stylish design of Ergobaby carriers.

Colours: Comes in Khaki, Midnight Navy, Pearl Grey, Pure Black

Carry Life: For babies from 3.2kgs up to 20kgs.

RRP:  $199.99

Available at Baby Village

4. The Ergobaby Multi-Position Performance Carrier

For adventure-lover parents, the Ergobaby Multi-Position Performance Carrier is for you. With its “moisture-wicking mesh for ultimate breathability”, “durable synthetic exterior” which allows easy washing and quick drying, and “tapered shoulder straps and padded waist strap” so both parent and bub stay comfortable and cool.

It’s also lightweight which is perfect when you’re on the go. Italso offers front, back and hip positions so your bub stays comfortable even on long walks.

Colours: Charcoal

Carry Life: Babies from 3.2kgs to 20kgs.

RRP: $209

Available at Ergobaby

5. Boba Stretchy Wrap

Free from buckles, straps, and snaps, the Boba Stretchy Wrap ties up into a perfect fit. It may take a while before you get the hang of wrapping bub with you but with its wrapping instructions, you’ll be a pro in no time. It’s made of soft, stretchy material so bub and you stay comfortable longer. It’s simple but supportive.

Colours: Turquoise, Yellow Organic

Carry Life: From birth to around 18 months

RRP: $84.95 (Turquoise); $109.95 (Yellow Organic)

Available at Carry Them Close

6. The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Air

It is made of soft and airy mesh fabric that’s comfortable for your baby and has an ergonomic wide-leg carrying position with extra-padded shoulder straps for a snug fit. It allows 4 front and back carrying positions and has a built-in infant insert perfect for newborns.

Colours: Black Mesh, Silver Mesh

Carry Life: From birth to 3 years

RRP:  $217

Available at Bubs n Grubs

7. i-Angel Rainbow 2 Carrier

This amazing baby carrier is made up of 100% cotton which provides comfort for both the baby and the parent. It also has a sleeping hood and organic cotton teething pads.

Colours: Pattern Charcoal Grey, Pattern Dark Blue, Pattern Sand Beige

Carry Life: Babies from 3.5kgs to 20kgs.

RRP:  $265.00

Available at i-Angel

8. Stokke My Carrier Front and Back

It’s made with soft durable materials whilst providing the best comfort for your baby. It has an ergonomic and tailor-made design with inward facing, outward facing or back carrying options. Its leg safety straps secures your baby whenever seated in the carrier. It’s also best for mums and dads as all adjustments are within reach, so they can place their baby safely and easily.

Colours: Black Mesh, Brown, Deep Blue, Red

Carry Life: From four weeks to 3 years

RRP:  $254.54

Available at Baby Road

9. Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier

This fun and colourful baby carrier features three settings that lets you adjust the seat to Narrow, Medium and Wide to suit your baby as they grow. It has supportive shoulder padding, adjustable straps, adjustable from newborn through to toddlerhood without the need for an insert, front pocket storage, ergonomic seat, removable and adjustable hood and comes in stylish and lovely prints.

Colours: Coast Infinite, Celebrate, Marigold, Splash, Syrene Sea, Mystic Meadow, Storytail, Hide and Seek, Doodle, Inquire, Stormy, Indigo, Soar, Blossom

Carry Life: Babies from 3.2kgs to 20kgs,

RRP: $229 – $259

Available at Carry Them Close

10. Beco Gemini

Made with 100% cotton, this cool baby carrier is both comfortable and safe for the parents and the baby. It has a large pocket on the supportive waist belt and can allow four different carrying positions. It also has a foldable padded built-in headrest, padded crossable shoulder straps, wide smartphone pocket, patented forward facing design, durable saftey buckles, and elastic band to roll excessive webbing up among others.

Colours: Nimbus

Carry Life: Babies from 3.5kgs to 16kgs.

RRP: $199.95

Available at Baby Carriers Australia

Which of these baby slings have you tried or will you try? 

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