10 Graphic Stories of Women’s Water Breaking

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10 Graphic Stories of Women’s Water Breaking

Here are 10 very graphic stories from women, who share what happened when their waters broke.

So grab a tissue, sit on a towel if you are heavily pregnant, and enjoy these ten true stories!


10 Graphic Stories of Women's Water Breaking | Stay at Home Mum

It Happened In Big W In the DVD Aisle

Peta D from Belmont WA

My daughter is 21 years old now so this did happen a long time ago!  I was very overdue and had done EVERYTHING to try and go into labour.  I was convinced it would never happen and I was simply ENORMOUS!  It was the middle of Summer and I’d given up and just wanted to sit in the airconditioning and watch a movie.  I asked my partner to go and buy me a DVD, but he had been called into work.  Mum who always checked on me had also gone to work that day, so I was on my own.  I decided that bugger it, I’d go down the shops myself – it was only 2 minutes drive.  So I grabbed my purse, tossed on a daggy old pregnancy dress and off I went.

I was browsing the videos when all of a sudden I heard a ‘SNAP!!!!’..  My waters gushed all over the floor in the ‘Romance and Horror’ Aisle.  To top it off, there wasn’t just ‘a dribble’ of liquid, I was positively standing in a puddle of my own bodily fluids.

I gathered up my dress, told the lady at the DVD counter they needed to do a ‘Clean up in Aisle 4’ (haha), and dribbled my way back to the car.

34 hours later my daughter was born. She was red and peeling for being so overdue!

10 Graphic Stories of Women's Water Breaking | Stay at Home Mum


It Happened During ‘Business Time’ in Bed

Lexi H from Ballarat, NSW

I was two weeks away from my due date with my first baby.  I was pretty big and very uncomfortable. However, all during my pregnancy, I just couldn’t get enough of my husband (if you KNOW what I mean!), I wanted him all the time.  He was getting sick of it, to be honest, and was always scared he was going to hurt the baby. Anyway, we went to bed and AGAIN I demanded bedroom antics.  It was pretty half-arsed, to be honest, he was tired from getting off a 12-hour shift.  About two minutes in, he abruptly stopped.  “What’s wrong?” I asked him, urging him to continue.

“Ummm you seem awfully wet, in a bad way”…  I sat up, didn’t really feel anything unusual, and pulled him back on me to continue.  He then leapt out of bed with a SQUEAL.  I too jumped up with fright and my waters went all over the bed on dribbled onto the floor.  He was mortified and stepped back, and SLID on the liquids on the floor.  He fell down like a bag of shit then screamed in pain.

He couldn’t hold the baby for three days as his broken arm was so painful.  He reckons we are never having another baby (shhhh I’m already six weeks pregnant!).

10 Graphic Stories of Women's Water Breaking | Stay at Home Mum

It Happened On My Doctor’s Face

Heidi M from North Lakes, Qld

Hello!  I was really overdue with my third child (I had to be induced the first two times too) – so my Gyno said that he’d break my waters.  He got out that knitting needle looking thing and was down the business end when I felt a whole lot of pressure all of a sudden.  My waters literally ‘STREAMED’ like a fireman’s hose, right into his face.  He stood up trying to get it out of his eyes and spitting it out on the ground.  Once he’d sorted himself out, he just laughed which made me feel much better as I was so horrified.

My baby son was delivered by my wet gyno just 40 minutes later.

He still tells the story to patients to this day.

10 Graphic Stories of Women's Water Breaking | Stay at Home Mum

It Made a Huge ‘SNAPPING’ Noise

Sue-Ellen H, Townsville QLD

I was in heavy labour in the hospital.  I’d been in labour for hours but didn’t have a ‘Show’ and my waters hadn’t broken.  Now that I was so far in labour, I didn’t even THINK about it.  My husband and I were holding hands over the bed (I was standing up – he was standing on the other side of the bed) when I had a whopping big contraction.  All of a sudden we heard an enormous ‘SNAPPPPP’.  We looked at each other, not knowing what is was… then I had the classic movie ‘GUSH’ – it went everywhere…  And it was slimy and gross and smelt like a wet chicken and I was standing right in the middle….

So gross.  The midwives just cleaned it up with a squeegee.

I was just shocked at how loud it was!

10 Graphic Stories of Women's Water Breaking | Stay at Home Mum

I Bounced Right Off a Fit Ball

Melissa H, Hobart TAS

I was trying really hard to go into labour, I was just past my due date but super uncomfortable.  I just had a t-shirt and undies on when I was furiously bouncing up and down on one of those big fit balls.  It was very comforting until without realising it my waters broke (I thought I had wee’d myself) and I slid straight off the ball and onto the lounge room floor.  The ball shot right across the room!  I was fine, just shocked.  I waddled my way to the bathroom, leaving a trail on the floor as I went.

I still laugh when I think about falling off that ball.

My daughter is now seven years old.

10 Graphic Stories of Women's Water Breaking | Stay at Home Mum

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