10 Graphic Stories of Women’s Water Breaking

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10 Graphic Stories of Women’s Water Breaking

I Had Liquid Flying From Both Ends

Kelly K, Cairns QLD

I was in early labour, with contractions being timed at about eight minutes apart.  The hospital knew, but they said to stay home for a bit longer so I was with my sister and partner.  I was leaning over a fit ball for support during the pain of contractions.  All of a sudden, I knew I needed to throw up (apparently throwing up in labour is common, but I didn’t know that at the time).  I went to race to the toilet, but my waters broke at the same time…. I was literally vomiting from the mouth and gushing from the vagina at the same time.  My sister was at one end with a towel, with my partner busy at the other end with a bucket… but I got vomit and water all over the good rug in the lounge room.

The smell never came out.

10 Graphic Stories of Women's Water Breaking | Stay at Home Mum

Here, Smell This!

My midwife had told me that when you get close to your due date, it is really easy to wet yourself.  And I was 39 weeks pregnant and struggling to make it to the toilet in time.  I woke up in the middle of the night, and felt really wet… I wasn’t sure if my waters had broken or I had just leaked a whole lot of wee.  I mopped up with a towel, then woke up hubby.  ‘Here, smell this!’ I said, he just looked at me like I was insane and pushed it away, horrified.

I ended up giving it a big sniff and it didn’t smell like wee, so headed off to the hospital.  Six hours later my daughter was born.

10 Graphic Stories of Women's Water Breaking | Stay at Home Mum

He Carried a Jar of Pickle Juice With Him Everywhere

Kylie S, Richmond, VIC

My partner had a fancy car with cream coloured leather seats.  But the bigger I got in my pregnancy, the more he was paranoid I was going to ‘leak’ all over them.  Every time we went in his car, he would put a few of those huge black garbage bags on the seat.

He also invested a fortune in waterproof mattress protectors, plastic couch covers, removed all the rugs from the house, and, because his mother told him to, everywhere we went, he carried around a jar of pickle juice.  Apparently, he was mortified that I would either leak on something of his or would go into labour in public.

I’m still not exactly sure what he was going to do with the pickle juice….

But to make things just hilarious, I went into labour without my waters breaking and my partner and I were in the tub full of water in the birthing suite, and all of a sudden there were ‘floaties everywhere’.  My water had broken in the water. With him in it.  When he realised (after the Doctor had pointed it out,) he threw up for hours.  Needless to say he doesn’t change nappies….

10 Graphic Stories of Women's Water Breaking | Stay at Home Mum

I Was So Paranoid I Wore an Adult Nappy to Bed

Virginia C, South Yarra, VIC

I had two major fears when it came to pregnancy, shitting myself during labour, and my waters breaking in my bed.  So as soon as I reached 25 weeks, I wore an adult nappy to bed, every night.  So not sexy.  In the end my waters broke in the hospital – so I didn’t even need to worry.

I just blame those fears of baby brain.

10 Graphic Stories of Women's Water Breaking | Stay at Home Mum

My Waters Broke in the Heated Public Pool

Casey A, Maryborough QLD

I adore swimming and kept it up right until the end of my pregnancy.  We have a beautiful heated public pool, not too hot, it was just glorious to get all that heavy pregnancy weight off my body and feel like I’m floating.  I felt something ‘mushy and slimy’ in the gusset of my bathers.  I got out and popped into the bathroom, I had a full show, sitting in my bathers.  I turned on the shower and the gross little patty of pus then floated down the drain.  However, I kept feeling like I was weeing… yep my waters had broken – I realised, in that public pool.

I didn’t say anything, I was so embarrassed.  I stuck a towel in my undies and waddled to the car.

My son was born about six hours later.

10 Graphic Stories of Women's Water Breaking | Stay at Home Mum

Do you have a hilarious story of your water breaking that we can add here?


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