10 Most Unusual Childbirth Stories

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10 Most Unusual Childbirth Stories

If you thought it was weird when your parents told you babies came from the cabbage patch, you haven’t seen anything yet!

As it turn out these childbirth stories, which are totally true, are even more out of this world!

Everyone likes a childbirth story that sets them apart. Whether you never made it to the hospital, gave birth in the car, in your tub or in the toilet, it’s always going to be a story worth telling. That’s why when we started looking into these childbirth stories, we couldn’t believe our eyes!

1. A World Shaker

It’s hard not to remember the Nepal earthquake of April 2015. One of the most devastating on record, it took the lives of more than 8,500 people. Yet, there was life among the rubble as well as death, with some 126,000 mothers caught up in the quake.

10 Most Unusual Childbirth Stories | Stay At Home Mum
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Certainly, the most remarkable of these is Dolma Tamang, a 28-year-old Nepali woman. She was crushed by her house when the quake hit and, despite the odds and being heavily pregnant, she managed to find her way out. When she emerged, she had few options. Injured and weak, she didn’t know if her child had survived the quake, and she couldn’t walk hours across the destruction to a health centre. For two weeks, she could do nothing but wait, when a mobile clinic suddenly came upon her and she was able to deliver a healthy baby boy.

2. Flood Lovin’

Back before Hurricane Katrina really made it’s impact, New Orleans already had a history of flooding. One of the worst years for this was 1995, when Maria Tanzini was heavily pregnant. As everyone worried about how high the floodwaters would go, Tanzini was more concerned with when hers would break.

10 Most Unusual Childbirth Stories | Stay At Home Mum
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In typical dramatic style, she went into labour in the evening after a monsoonal downpour. The streets were waist-high with water, and after their car failed Tanzini, her husband and her parents had no choice but to walk to the hospital. They were rescued by a local bar owner with a 4WD, and then by an ambulance before little Brittany Tanzini made her entrance at the East Jefferson General Hospital.

3. Battle Born

Soldiers aren’t supposed to be surprised or shocked easily, but we’re pretty sure that Lance Bombardier Lynette Pearce (formerly a British service-woman) got the shock of her life when she unexpectedly delivered a baby on the front line in Afghanistan. Pearce was in the country on a six-month deployment, having completed a series of challenging fitness tests and medical examinations that didn’t catch her stowaway.

10 Most Unusual Childbirth Stories | Stay At Home Mum

Although she had experienced a bit of weight gain, and was getting stomach pains, Pearce had no idea what she was in for when she approached medics with her issue. When they realised it was labour, not food poisoning, the army launched into action, delivering her unexpected baby boy on the army base.

4. Into The Wild

In June of 2015, a childbirth story emerged that you had to be wild to believe. Amber Pangborn went into labour after exiting a casino in California and made a questionable decision. She was rushing to her parent’s house as the baby was rushing into the world and she wanted to take a shortcut so she wouldn’t deliver on the side of the road. So, she cut through a forest to save some time.

10 Most Unusual Childbirth Stories | Stay At Home Mum
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Of course, Pangborn ended up running out of gas and getting totally lost. She gave birth to a baby girl in the back seat of her car, medicating herself with meth and surviving on what little she had in the car. When she hadn’t been rescued after three days, she started a signal fire, which got out of control and burned more than a quarter acre of protected forest. They were eventually rescued, but child services wasn’t too pleased about the meth and the fire, and the baby girl was taken into protective custody.

5. A Survivor At The Start

Latonya Bowman was excited in May of 2012 to start on the journey to motherhood, and nine months into her pregnancy, there wasn’t much time to wait. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend Jamal Rodgers was less than pleased and with the threat of supporting the child hanging over him, he decided that killing Bowman was the only option.

Rogers lured Bowman to his home where he had his friend Antonio Mathis waiting with a gun ready to shoot her. They tied Bowman up and Mathis threw her into her own car, drove her out of town and into a field where he showered her with lighter fluid and set her on fire. She threw herself out of the car to roll on the ground, and Mathis shot her. Amazingly, Bowman was able to play dead until Mathis had left before getting back into the car and making her way to her mothers. Her little boy was delivered unharmed just days later, with Rogers and Mathis getting life sentences.

6. With A Flash Bang

The last thing that Ian Gordon and his pregnant girlfriend Kendra Villanueva expected when they were rushing home under a storm cloud on the 4th of July 2013 was to be struck by lightning. The bolt was so powerful that it knocked the both of them out and they were rushed to hospital. Doctors decided that the only option was to deliver their baby by emergency C-section.

10 Most Unusual Childbirth Stories | Stay At Home Mum
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The little girl was named Kimberly Gordon, but her dad is fond of calling her Flash. She’s one of the only babies doctors are aware of with her particular circumstances, so nobody is quite sure how she’ll cope. She’s had some developmental problems since her birth, and yes, her hair still stands on end.

7. Unexpectedly Uncovered

Another story that combines the happy and sad was the Rana Plaza disaster. In April of 2013, the eight-story garment factory collapsed and killed more than 1,100 people. It was a tragedy of immense proportions, but there were unexpected miracles as well.

10 Most Unusual Childbirth Stories | Stay At Home Mum
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As rescuers searched through the rubble on the day after the collapse, they found a woman who had given birth as she was trapped under the rubble. Rescuers were eager to get her out as quickly as possible, not knowing what her injuries might be but she begged them to save her son first, who was pulled out still attached to the umbilical cord. Amazingly, both mother and baby were fine.

8. Hardly A Breeze

Nobody wants to have a tornado make landfall in their town, especially if you happen to be in the middle of labour when it comes a knocking at the hospital door. That’s exactly what happened to Oklahoma woman, Shayla Taylor. She was in the middle of birthing her newest addition when a tornado struck the hospital. While her husband and young son took cover in the basement, Shayla was taken to a windowless room to give birth.

10 Most Unusual Childbirth Stories | Stay At Home Mum
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It wasn’t enough. The twister bore down on the hospital with winds of 300 per hour, tearing a wall right off the room she was in. Hospital staff shielded her with their own bodies as she struggled through her labour. When the twister had moved on and the baby still wasn’t out, Shayla was taken to another hospital for a C-section, giving birth to a healthy baby boy.

9. Early & Late

Usually, once your water breaks, you can expect a baby to follow pretty quickly. Not so for Gideon Whitchurch. He was only 28 weeks into growing when his mum’s waters broke. His parents were understandably worried, having had three miscarriages before he was conceived, but Gideon had no interest in entering the world just yet. In fact, he waited for more than a month.

10 Most Unusual Childbirth Stories | Stay At Home Mum
via Daily Mail Miracle Boys: Rachel with her newborn son Gideon and eldest child TJ along with dad Jeff at home in Utah – six months on from Gideon’s birth.

The condition is not totally unheard of, it’s called premature rupture of membranes (P-PROM) but it only happens in 3% of all pregnancies. Of course, once the water breaks, there is a high risk of infection. Initially, doctors only expected to be able to stop Gideon’s arrival for a few days, but he surprised everyone by staying happily in utero for another 39 days. He was finally delivered at 33 weeks via Cesarean, and after a stay in NICU, was ready to take on the world.

10. Lucky Shot

Relationships can be complicated, and nobody knows that better than Linda Whiteside. In June of 1982, she became a 17-year-old pregnant woman by a man named Ennis Walden, who was in an on-again-off-again relationship with one Ruby Lee Love. Now, Love was pretty much the opposite of what her name suggested. In fact, she wanted to get back at Walden and Whiteside in a pretty bloody way. So she shot them.

10 Most Unusual Childbirth Stories | Stay At Home Mum
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Actually, she only shot Whiteside, a single bullet that entered through her back, passed through several organs and got lodged between the two halves of her unborn son’s brain. Just two and a half months before he was born and young Daniel Whiteside was already familiar with gun violence. Doctors had to deliver him via emergency C-section, finding his tiny head a shattered mess. They fought to keep him alive, placing him on life support while they waited for him to grow stronger. A month later, he had brain surgery, and three months down the track life looked to be getting started as it should have.

There you have it, the childbirth stories so crazy you couldn’t make them up.

What’s the most unusual childbirth story you’ve ever heard?

10 Most Unusual Childbirth Stories

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