8 Infamous Multiple Birth Stories (Page 3)And You Thought Having One Newbie At A Time Was Hard!

4. The Harris Sextuplets

8 Infamous Multiple Birth Stories | Stay At Home Mum
via UAB Hospital

Born in Alabama in July 2002 to Chris and Diamond Harris, the babies (who were conceived via artificial insemination) were born at 26.5 weeks. The two girls, Kiera and Kaylynne, and four boys Kaleb, Kobe, Kieran, and Kyle are Alabama’s first set of sextuplets and were the first recorded set of surviving African-American sextuplets.The babies stayed in special care for quite a while after their birth. Kaleb has nerve damage, while Kiera and Kyle are autistic.

After hurricane Ivan severely damaged the Harris family’s home, they very luckily received a new home in a 2005 episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The show added another level a backyard water park to share with their older brother Dewayne and a train track upstairs that travels through the sextuplets’ rooms!

8 Infamous Multiple Birth Stories | Stay At Home Mum
Harris Sextuplets with Oprah via Daily Mail UK

Miles College, near the family’s home in Alabama, has committed to providing scholarships for the sextuplets when they are ready for college.

5. The Dilley Sextuplets

8 Infamous Multiple Birth Stories | Stay At Home Mum
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Born to Keith and Becki Dilley, in Indiana May 1993, Breana, Claire, Julian, Quinn, Ian and Adrian are the United States first set of surviving sextuplets.

Kieth and Becki had tried, unsuccessfully, for five years to conceive during their marriage. After a consultation with a specialist they were told they had very little chance of conceiving naturally. They didn’t give up straight away persisting for a few more years (anyone trying for a baby knows how gruelling and heartbreaking that is) until they eventually underwent fertility treatment…and you know the end of the story…six babies!!!  Psst- Throughout the pregnancy, all ultrasounds showed five babies. After five had been delivered the doctor reached in to retrieve the placenta and grabbed a foot instead, and said, “There’s a sixth baby” Everyone initially thought she was kidding, but she wasn’t, the sixth baby was hiding behind Becki’s spleen!

8 Infamous Multiple Birth Stories | Stay At Home Mum
via Indystar

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