Baby Bag Essentials – 15 things you NEED in your baby bagWhat, all of it?

What do you actually NEED in your baby bag?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Taking your brand new baby out, especially in the early days, can be quite the effort. You may find that you are bringing half of your nursery with you in fear that bubs may need something (that you happened to leave behind) while you are out.

However, as long as you have the essentials to keep your baby fed, clean, entertained and asleep (if tired), then you will be good to go. With this easy guide, you will be able to get out of the house and on the road in only a few short minutes. Print it out, stick it on your fridge and have a quick glance at it every time you leave the house.

Ditch the stress and enjoy more time out with your new bundle of joy.

1. At least four Spare Nappies

Okay, including spare nappies in your baby bag is pretty self-explanatory.  The whole point of a baby bag really is so that you can change nappies whenever you need to.  But it would be naughty if I didn’t include it here. And why four nappies?  Well a spare nappy, a spare nappy for that nappy, another nappy for explosive diarrhea, and one in case you forget to re-pack the nappy bag for next time!

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15 Items to Include in a Nappy Bag | Stay at Home Mum

2. A Shit Ton of Baby Wipes

Ahhh baby wipes.  So handy.  I still use them today and my boys are just about in high-school.  Perfect for wiping little mouths, cleaning vomit from your top, cleaning the top of the television and everything in between.  Buy them in bulk because you are going to need them!

Always keep a whole packet in your baby bag for every occasion!

PS: Shit Ton is an actual form of measurement.

3. A Spare Change of Clothing for Baby – and YOU!

Be prepared for an expected poo explosion, a major up-chuck or just food smeared all themselves.  Babies are messy.  A complete spare outfit is a must for the nappy bag.  Perhaps also include a warmer jumper or coat for bubs in case the weather turns cold.

Plus babies vomit a lot!  So having a spare shirt in your baby bag just for you in case there is a power chuck is a great idea!

4. Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Wipes

Access to a convenient tap isn’t always guaranteed when you take the baby out of the house.  So hand sanitizer is the very next best thing.  Plus we are now living with COVID – so it is an essential item.  You can get hand sanitizers that clip onto your car keys – but if that is too much of a hassle – pop a small bottle into your baby bag.

Disinfectant wipes are really handy to have too – good for cleaning hands, benches, shopping trolley handles – anything!

5. An Old Cloth Nappy or Similar for ‘Spit Up’

Don’t buy anything new – see what you can repurpose.  No point in buying something just to be vomited on.  If you can find a nice soft cloth nappy – those really old-style ones – they are just perfect.  Whack it up on your shoulder and just rock it.  Everyone has been there and will understand!

Also – just wear white for the first two years of your baby’s life.

6. Muslin Wrap

A muslin wrap is an essential – baby needs to be wrapped? Grab your muslin wrap.  If your baby vomits all over your black shirt? Clean it up with the muslin wrap.  You need to change your baby and the area is germy? Put down your muslin wrap.  They are so damn handy!

7. A Small Toy

Just something to keep baby entertained if they get bored.  But seriously they will probably prefer your car keys. And if this isn’t your first child, you will probably let your baby chew on them.

The Lamaze range is very ‘sensory’ – great for babies!  

The Lamaze Octotunes from Baby Bunting

8. Formula Dispenser

If you are bottle-feeding (and that’s okay!), those little containers for formula that is all measured out for you ready to go are just invaluable! An alternative to the dispensers is to grab the formula stick packs that have a single-serve of formula in them!

This basic version is only $7.99 from Baby Bunting.

9. Fresh Bottle Filled with Boiled and Cooled Water

Both for the baby if they get thirsty or for feeding bub some formula.  It’s always handy to have a fresh bottle or two popped into the baby bag.

10. Snacks for Baby

Easy things that your baby can eat on the run. We love the Rafferty’s Garden range – you can just take off the lid and give it to baby!  Easy – no washing up. Or there are also rusks which are great for teething.

You can grab them from your local supermarket or check out these online stockists:

Buy Raffertys Garden Banana Milk Rusk 100g Online at Chemist Warehouse®

11. Water Bottle

For you!  If you are breastfeeding you will know how thirsty you can get – and because most baby bags are insulated, they are the perfect place to keep a water bottle! Or you could keep one of those insulated water bottles on hand!

We love these beautiful stainless steel water bottles from Biome Eco Stores.

BBBYO Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Cover 750ml - Spiral Rose BBBYO Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Cover 500ml - Pastel BirdBBBYO Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Cover 750ml - Bondi Walk

12. Nappy Bags or An Old Plastic Bag for Soiled Nappies

If you are out and about and don’t have a place to dispose of that shitty nappy – nappy bags or old plastic bags are the way to go.  Just wrap them up really good – and don’t forget to dispose of them at your first opportunity.


13. Spare Dummy in a Ziplock Bag

Nothing worse than when bubs is in distress and crying in the back seat of the car when you are in traffic. Always have a spare dummy on hand.  If you keep them in a ziplock bag they stay clean and sterilised and don’t collect dust and dirt that often accumulates in the bottom of nappy bags.

14. A Portable Changing Mat

Something you can lay down anywhere to pop baby on whilst you change their nappy.  Many fold up and can be just popped straight into your baby bag – and there are even disposable changing mats available now.

15. Bibs

If you are out and about and are feeding your baby food, bibs are essential.  Just pop one or two in the baby bag for such times.


What other items do you like to include in your baby bag?

Baby Bag Essentials | Stay At Home Mum

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