Baby Brain



I am a Stay at Home Mum and I suffer from Baby Brain.  Since I have given birth my mind is totally gone – I’d love to find it again, but alas Baby Brain is in the way of me finding it!  I would of thought that seeing it’s been over three years now since I last gave birth, that my mind would return….. it hasn’t.

I love to blame my forgetfulness on Baby Brain ‘Sorry honey, I didn’t pick up the paper this morning, Baby Brain!’ – Baby Daddy just nods and edges away as fast as he can!

I have an official theory for baby brain – of course no credentials to back it up, pfft, who needs credentials, I gave birth, twice in a year no less!.  Oh where was I , oh yes my theory.  When you have a baby you have soooo much to remember, feedings, clothing, house work, pay the bills, cook dinner, get everything done… that surely our brain is working overtime.  And seeing our brain is working overtime, surely something must ‘fall out’.

The ‘experts’ blame this temporary memory lapse on sleep deprivation and hormones.  I laugh at that statement.  Temporary – who are they kidding!


Do you think you suffer from Baby Brain? What do YOU think causes it???



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