5 Baby Brands To Watch Out For in 2017

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5 Baby Brands To Watch Out For in 2017

Trying to keep up in the world of fashion and the latest must-haves can be exhausting for parents

Can you imagine trying to stay in touch with what is on trend while juggling a nappy bag, bottles, a pram, toys … oh and the baby! If you are anything like me, you might give up entirely on being fashion forward while you are caring for a baby.

You  will, after all, spend most of your day spotted with some type of liquid, whether it be drool, spit-up, pureed lunch mush or the dreaded side-leaked poop.

But just because you have resigned yourself to jeans and t-shirts for six months, that doesn’t mean your little person can’t be hip and happenin’.

5 Baby Brands To Watch Out For in 2017

Here are five baby brands that are going to take off in 2017, so you can get ahead of the rush!


Never heard of it? It will be everywhere soon! Babyhome is Spain’s number one baby furniture and stroller brand and it has just reached our shores.

It’s one thing to be sleek and sexy, but somehow Babyhome manages to also be functional and practical at the same time!

Their range of sophisticated and streamlined products include high chairs, bounce chairs, accessories and a yet to be released stroller line come in some wicked-hot colours so your nursery will totally pop.


Far from being a breath of fresh air when it comes to new alternatives, Babyhome is also about clever design and all of their products are user-friendly, so even Poppa will be able to collapse the pram after a relaxing stroll in the park, and first-time dads can easily get bub in and out of their bouncer when they just want to be cuddled.

Take the Air bassinet for example, it comes with a practical changing pad which easily attaches to the bassinet via a zipper with a safety device and has a practical mesh window hidden under the fabric on the side, which allows you to keep visual contact with your baby easily and without having to get near.

Best of all, these stylish lines are affordable! Ready to check it out? You can find Babyhome products at

Eco Child

When it comes to wooden toys made with nature in mind, you can’t go past Eco Child.


This Australian-owned family business offers a wide range of natural and organic products suited for baby, mother and child.

Offering toys with no nasty plastics or chemicals, Eco Child makes greener parenting choices easier.

From the cute Organic Farm Buddies sets to wooden toys of all shapes and descriptions and a range of dolls in both sexes and all races, there is something for every child to spend hours of imaginative play with.


Another Spanish delight, Suavinex creates little luxuries for your little angel.

Their range of feeding bottles, soothers and soother clips, baby and toddler tableware are not only practical, but they aren’t hard on the eyes either, with stunning designs that you can mix and match to create the perfect set to match you and your bub’s personality.


Each year, Suavinex launches new design collections, making fashion and design a major factor in what makes this brand a stand-out.

Some of the 2016 collections include the bold colours with splashes of sparkly metallics Haute Couture, the Scottish tartan-themed Rose et Bleu and the fun, yet sophisticated Dinos and Swallows collections.

Suavinex also offers products for breastfeeding, teething, psychomotor development, sterilising, cleaning and hygiene.

With an eye for detail without compromising on functionality, it’s no wonder that millions of parents have already jumped onto the Suavinex bandwagon, now it’s time for Australia to catch up.

You can find Suavinex products at

Tiny Style

If buying clothes off the rack has never been something you enjoyed, why do it for bub?

Online boutique store Tiny Style offers baby and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories and manchester that will give your little dude or dudette a distinctive and unique look.

tinystylegif | Stay at Home

Their selection of fashion-forward and funky clothes includes pieces from Children of the Tribe, Converse, Huxbaby, Mini Rodini, Minti, NUNUNU, Salt Water Sandals, Sapling Child and more.

Not one to miss if you are looking for something new and exciting.

Baby Bistro

Grown ups have Lite n Easy, Jenny Craig and a myriad other food delivery alternatives so we don’t have to cook for ourselves, but we can still eat healthily.

One Melbourne mama has harnessed this phenomenon and created Baby Bistro, which delivers home-style food that is 100% organic to families around Melbourne. Genius really!

babybistrogif | Stay at Home

Sevi Stolica creates everything from baby’s first purees to family meals with fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, eggs and grain, so there aren’t any nasty chemicals, additives or preservatives that can be found in other store-bought products.

The only thing wrong with Baby Bistro is that it’s only available in Victoria and one lonely IGA in New South Wales so hopefully it will expand soon.

In the meantime, it’s time for a giveaway!

Our friends at Samyoung Trading Co have put up some amazing Babyhome prizes worth almost $900! You could win an Air bassinet, the innovative Wave bouncer chair, or the lightweight and stylish Taste highchair. Head over to our competition page for your chance to win one of these great products!

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