Baby Tips for the Squeamish

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Baby Tips for the Squeamish

Baby Tips for the SqueamishNot all parents are born with a cast iron stomach (ie mostly Dads lol). If the thought of changing another human being and getting close to poo, or the sight of curdy baby vomit makes you a little sick in the tummy, then you are certainly not alone. Even the smell of poo can trigger the gag reflex and might make you want to run ten miles away. So what can you do if you are left alone with your pooping monster or vomit king and don’t think you have the stomach to handle the task at hand?

Cover the Scent

Try chewing gum or dapping peppermint oil on the top of your lip before you go in for a nappy change. This can help block out the scent of sticky poo and hopefully focus on the smell of mint or something else more pleasant. Even placing a clothes peg by the nappy change table can ensure that you have something blocking your nose as soon as the nappy is off.

Pick up a Nappy Waste System

Consider investing in a disposable nappy waste bucket that blocks the smell of nappies. That way you won’t have to constantly smell them and won’t have to continuously make trips to the bin every time it’s change time. Make it a habit of dumping the bin full of dirty nappies into the rubbish bin the same morning that it is garbage pickup day.

Practice your Technique

The key to a successful nappy change is to be quick about it. Have everything ready to go, such as a plastic bag to bin the smelly nappy, wipes and a cloth to clean up any mess along the way. When changing the nappy, sweep the front of the nappy down and catch the waste as you go. Use the tabs to fold the nappy tightly and trap the droppings while you finish.

Info graphicCheck the Wipes

When you’re about to get down and dirty make sure your wipes are still moist and spread ready to go. That way you can get the job done quickly. Wipes often dry up especially the first one on the top of the container so always have several wipes armed and ready to go for a quicker clean-up.

Carry a Towel

When holding your baby, regardless of when his last feed was, always have a spit up towel with you. That way you can easily wipe away the offensive smell and get on with it.

Carry Extra Clothing

Have a spare shirt ready to go so you can quickly dispose of the vomited-on shirt. Even after you have cleaned the baby, you can still smell the scent on your clothes. If you are out in public, carry a plastic bag with you so you can keep the contaminated clothes together and quickly place them in the washing machine as soon as you get home.

Don’t Assume the Spit Up is Finished

Yes, babies tend to spit up more as soon as they have fed but this doesn’t mean you are out of the red zone completely. A baby will often spit up more than once and this can happen at any time. The worst part about it is the longer the milk has been in the tummy, then the yuckier it can be coming out again.

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