Choosing a Baby Name

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Choosing a Baby Name

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From Tarquinn to Elvis, from William to Thomas and all the other names in between, one of the biggest decisions you will make as a parent is choosing a baby name. For some parents-to-be, the name game may be easy if you are going with a traditional family name or if you happen to both agree on the same name from day one. However, for most partners, finding a baby name that you both love, that works with the surname and that you feel will fit your child can be one of the most difficult decisions out there. While you have nine months to think about it, this is not a decision that should be rushed or left to last minute.

Accept Your Taste Differences

Do you want a traditional name like William for your baby but your partner is set on something unique like Lennox. If you and your partner have completely different tastes in baby names then it can be hard coming up with one you both agree on. However, keep at it. Embrace these differences. Perhaps he is willing to go with something traditional with a unique spelling? Or perhaps you could agree to something a little out there and stick to the traditional name for the middle name?  Just remember that if you spell it too ‘uniquely’ – that poor kid will be spelling out his or her name for the rest of their lives!

Try to keep the name a secret

Choosing a baby name should be something that you and your partner do together and while it is fun to get the opinions of other close to you, everyone is no doubt going to have something to say about your choices.  Not everyone is going to like the name you have chosen!  Often it is best to keep your decision to yourself until after the baby is born. Talk to the baby in your name choices at home to get a feel for it but don’t let anyone else hear what you have decided on. The last thing you want to hear is “Ugh, I hate that name” or “So-and-so named her baby that” or “I knew a girl with that name and she looked like a smashed crab.” (I actually really heard that one!).   This is a decision best left to you and your partner.

Use the many resources available to help you

There are so many different baby name books out there as well as websites dedicated to helping you find the perfect baby name. There are even sites that predict the best name for your baby. While these should not be taken seriously they can be great for coming up with ideas.  For example, several baby name sites will let you choose a name based on what your other children are named or on a certain trend that you love. If you love the ending ‘Lyn’ but are unsure of what options you have, you can search names with this ending.

Take the Initials Into Account

Many couples always make sure the first name suits to the surname i.e. most parents wouldn’t call their child Marcy Darcy for instance.  But also think of the initials.  Maree Antoinette Doyle sounds nice for example – but the kid will be called’ MAD’ for the rest of her life.  So just have a quick thought about that!

Take a breather

Feel like you are spending every night going through the baby book and trying to come up with the right name? Take a step back. As hard as it is, try not to think about it for a few weeks and concentrate on other aspects of your life. Revisit the baby name book once you have both had a chance to cool down.

Let Nature Run Its Course

Some couples will go into labour and delivery dead set on a name; others may have three or four choices and will see which one is right; and others will wait and see what fits when the baby arrives. If you happen to fall into the latter category, this is perfectly okay. In fact, it might actually work in your favour. Once you meet your baby you can choose a name that will suit him or her best.




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