Completely Unnecessary Newborn Baby Accessories

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Completely Unnecessary Newborn Baby Accessories

OK, so a lot of us out there are seasoned professionals. We’ve had a kid or two and know what we should and shouldn’t be wasting our time and money on purchasing for our new bubs. Some parents opt out of items like wipe warmers whilst some choose to forego change tables and baby baths. Whatever your choice, it’s completely up to you. You are the only one who knows what works for your baby. But the market is crammed with accessories to get parents spending, from the unnecessary to the utterly ridiculous!

Some swear by them, but these are just a couple of baby accessories we found that was not only a waste of money but a drain on environmental resources such as power and landfill as well.

White Noise Machines

Your baby will have to get used to the sounds of your household sooner or later, whether you have 3 dogs, 5 kids and 4 TV’s going, or it’s just the lawn mower, washing machine or vacuum cleaner. Babies need to be exposed to these spontaneous sounds, or you’ll end up with a grown adult that needs whale music to sleep by! For a cheaper version, if your baby really needs some kind of white noise, most parents swear by a pedestal fan, pointed away from the cot unless it’s really warm weather.

Wipe and Bottle Warmers

Whilst nobody likes the feel of a cold wipe on their backside, wipe warming is a luxury most babies can live without. A tip for babies who scream blue murder when a cool wipe is used, maybe use one of your extendable multi-arms and quickly run a facecloth under a warm tap, especially during night changes so as to not wake the whole household!

Bottle warmers can be favoured due to some people’s hesitance to use microwaves, but usually turn out being a waste of space and money. Pop the bottle into a saucepan of hot water on the stovetop whilst you change bub’s nappy if you don’t like using microwaves to heat your babies bottles. Alternatively, most mums will find the exact number of seconds it takes them in their own microwave to get that bottle just the right drinking temperature.

Baby Specific Laundry Powder

Yes, your baby has delicate skin, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t washing your own clothes in industrial strength washing powder, so you don’t need to go wasting money on expensive “baby” washing powders. Unless it’s really stained, baby clothes can be washed with normal washing powder, and for those really stained ones, a bit of Napisan.

Change Tables

OK, now this one is a little bit more controversial. Most first-time mum’s will spend a lot of money on a change table and use it for subsequent children. This is great is you have the room and the budget. But a simple chest of drawers can be made into a change table with the purchase of a changing pad, that can be moved onto the floor or bed or any other flat surface to change bubs.

Soft Toys and Games

Baby can’t hold things, baby doesn’t need toys just yet! Whilst the nursery (or designated baby space) looks cute with a couple of stuffed toys, don’t go spending huge amounts on these to welcome your baby home with. Chances are you’ll get your fair share from well-wishers but the ultimate toy for a newborn baby is a face and a voice.

Nappy Disposal Systems

Basically a custom-designed bin, these nappy disposal systems are just a normal bin that seals off the used nappy to eliminate odours. Just use your own household bin and use nappy bags if the situation calls for it. If you empty your bin regularly, you wont have the issue of bad odours.

Designer Clothes and Shoes

Babies will not appreciate the finer things when it comes to what they are wearing or wrapped in. And whilst it’s super cute to occasionally have the funkiest shoes or the high label dress at Mum’s group, keep in mind that EVERYTHING get spewed on or poo-ed on by the end of the day. Keep you money in your purse and get Grandma’s and Aunties to buy the expensive designer stuff!

Keep in mind that there are plenty of things you NEED to buy for your new baby. Have a look online, on second-hand websites such as Ebay and Gumtree or accept hand-me-downs from friends and relatives. The money you save will come in handy as your little one is sure to keep you spending for a long time to come!

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