Entertaining Twins

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Entertaining Twins

Entertaining Twins

Your little twins may have had to share a womb but that doesn’t mean they know how to share. They don’t understand or care that there is only one of you and two of them. Never fear, there are ways to entertain both of them so one won’t feel left out or jealous.


Even if your bubs can barely hold their head up, you can still read to them. Prop them up on some pillows or their bouncers and read. It doesn’t really matter what. From the Very Hungry Caterpillar to the local newspaper, all your little twinnies are interested in is the sound of your voice. As they get older, the pictures matter more so you can start introducing the more interactive books. Ones with touch and feel or peek-a-boo pictures are always lots of fun.


You may sound like a cat with its tail caught in the door when you sing but to your little ones you sound like an angel sent from heaven above. Sing nursery rhymes, songs in the top 40 or even the lyrics from that annoying catchy ad that’s been stuck in your head all day. You can sing to them as you change their nappy, as you feed them or during tummy time. Both are listening and enjoying the interaction.


Going for a walk is not only good for your physical and mental health but it’s a nice way to spend time with both bubs. Point out the passing scenery. Stop if they’ve shown interest in something even if it’s as lame as a wheelie bin with a red lid. Walks are especially perfect when your bubs are screaming and it seems like nothing will calm them. It could be tiredness or teething, but the gentle rhythm of the pram usually lulls them to sleep and if it doesn’t, their screaming won’t seem so bad outside and you’ll be able to recoup some of your mental faculties.


Entertaining Twins | Stay at Home MumLay both your babies on a blanket and grab one of their muslin wraps. Lift the wrap above them and then gently bring it down over their faces. Quickly lift and again and go ‘Boo!”. It’s such a classic game. You can’t go wrong.

With twins it may sometimes seem like everything is double the effort, but don’t forget, you also get double the reward!

Nelinda is a busy Mum of twins and writes for her own blog Busy Mama Bee. I’m a busy mama to 16mth old boy/girl twins. I enjoy the best and worst of both worlds all at once and in my free time (AKA bubs are finally asleep) I blog, read and watch trashy TV.

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