Get Your Baby To Fall Asleep Faster AND Stay Sleeping For Longer!

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Get Your Baby To Fall Asleep Faster AND Stay Sleeping For Longer!

There is a product out there, that will help your baby to fall asleep faster, all snug and settled.

It can also help them sleep a bit longer. Yes, you read that right!

Those extra hours of sleep are an absolutely lifesaver when you have a newborn! You can buy weighted blankets for children and for adults, but Dreamland Baby Co, have created safe and scientifically backed products for babies!

Dreamland Baby have created weighted blankets and weighted sleep sacks, that are designed to be comfortable, snug, help your little one relax and fall asleep faster. The evenly spread weight helps your baby feel like they are being hugged and secure. They are perfect for nap time and nighttime sleep.

Dreamland Baby was created by a mum of 6, who knew exactly what it was like to be waking up every hour to your baby. After one night, whilst cuddling her baby on the couch, she laid a heavy throw on her baby as they snuggled and she noticed that almost immediately – he calmed down! This was a light bulb moment, and thus Dreamland Baby began creating light weight blankets for babies. Dreamland Baby was also featured on Shark Tank Season 11!

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Style Bub is the Australian Distributor of these amazing weighted sleep sacks, now available for our Aussie Bubs and Families.

Dreamland Sleep Sacks are made from 100% cotton with a two-way zipper, machine washable and have plenty of room. Inside the Sleep Sack, the beads that provide even, gentle weight are non-toxic, non-recycled poly-pellet beads. Weighted Sleep Sacks & Blankets are safe for babies because they are 10% or less body weight, they don’t restrict a baby in any way or weigh them down.

The Sleep Sacks are available in three different sizes:

  • 0 – 6 months (contains 362 grams of beads and is 66cm long) $143.00 inc gst
  • 6 – 12 months (contains 680 grams of beads and is 76cm long) $143.00 inc gst
  • 12 – 24 months (contains 907 grams of beads and is 86cm long) $143.00 inc gst

The 6 – 12 month and 12 – 24 month sleep sacks have a reversible neckline, this was done with tummy sleepers in mind!

Review of Dreamland Sleep Sack 0 – 6 month

I was so impressed when my little box containing a Dreamland Sleep Sack arrived from Style Bub to my front door. It was neatly packaged and came with heaps of different information about how to look after the sleep sack and tips for helping my baby sleep. The sleep sack itself came in a plastic zipper bag.

Once I unboxed the sleep sack, I was really surprised by the design and the distribution of weight. I could definitely tell that it was weighted, to some degree. But it didn’t feel too heavy, I could immediately imagine how this could be soothing for a baby. The fabric was soft to touch, felt light and breathable.

Now it was time for the true test. Putting it on my baby!

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My son has always been pretty good at sleeping, but maybe I’m saying that because I’m used to his sleeping patterns. He is 4 months old, and wakes up every 3 hours for a bottle and then goes straight back to sleep usually with minimal fuss. If I am being honest, I would really love that 3 hours to be stretched out a little longer! Especially with having other young kids, it can be hard to keep up with them when I’ve had a rough night with the baby. Normally, I will swaddle him to sleep. I’ve done this with all my kids from the moment they were born, usually with great success besides a few bad nights here and there. None of my kids though have ever slept through the night from a young age. That would be a miracle!

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So, before his “time for bed” bottle at 9pm, I wrapped him in the Dream Wearable Weighted Sack. The instructions were really simple, and it was just a different type of blanket to swaddle with really. He looked really cute all snuggled up in it. Once he had his bottle and he was drowsy, I put him down. Nothing unusual there, he usually will fall asleep himself once he has a full belly and is nice and drowsy. Off to bed I went, I usually go to sleep about 10:30pm, because every mum needs some time to themselves! At about 1am, I woke up suddenly. I felt this wave of panic wash over, I hadn’t heard him cry out and I was used to waking up every 3 hours. Was he really still sleeping? So I went and checked on him, trying not to wake him – and I was right, he was sound asleep! That was 4 hours! I went back to bed, and expected to be woken up within an hour or so. It wasn’t until 3:30am that I heard him start to wake up! That was 6.5 hours of amazing, blissful slumber! Hell yeah! I was stoked. I gave him a bottle, completed the usual wake up routine and put him back to bed. It was my other children that morning that woke me up at 6am, not my baby! It was a shock to my system having those extra hours to sleep, but boy it was good!

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I was really impressed with this product, anything that helps both my baby and I get a few extra hours of sleep is a worthwhile investment! I was a little worried initially, thinking it would be too heavy, but once I had it in my hands, it really wasn’t too heavy at all. I’ll be purchasing another one, to keep them in rotation that’s for sure.

If you are pregnant, or have a young baby and are desperate for a few extra hours sleep – I highly recommend this product!

If you’re desperate for a ‘Good Night’s Sleep’, shop now at Style Bub!!!

Get Your Baby To Fall Asleep Faster AND Stay Sleeping For Longer | Stay at Home

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